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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tweaking the set-up...on and on...

Who isn't always tweaking the set-up of their scoot? Well, maybe it's only me! During those fickle months of April and May when I can't really count on the weather much, I find myself out in the garage oggling, or tweaking, the accessories on Scootie.

First thing I tried to accomplish was to set up a pair of panniers (saddle bags) on the scooter. I started out with bicycle saddle bags from Nashbar, thinking I could adapt the hardware attachment to the side seat rails of the Ruckus. It didn't work out. I just could not get a snug (and safe) fit. Sent them back to Nashbar.

Then I looked at the Cortech saddlebag and tailbag combination in soft weatherproof nylon. Loved it, but it seemed too big and bulky for the Ruckus and a bit out of my budget reach.

One day I was perusing all the "Mossy Oak" camo gear on Ebay and ran across an ATV bag that had 3 straps on it to attach to an ATV rail. Perfect! I bought 2, one for each side of the Ruckus, and they were just the right size! I am also a bit crazy for the "camo look" (no, I do not hunt!) and then and there decided to add some other "camo touches" to my Ruckus. Afterall, I AM a "country girl"...well, sort of!

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