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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Been gone a long time....

I haven't posted in a long time for various reasons. I never got to post my pics and story about our October road festival and I will get around to doing that soon.

Meanwhile, Scootie snoozes under her blanket out in the garage and welcomes me for her "weekly start-up". I actually got to ride her a few days in January when we had temps in the upper 50s. It was so nice to mount up and take off for a ride in the sunshine.

I went to a contract job in Kentucky for most of December and was worried that they would offer me the job permanently. I hated the area for scooter riding. It was nothing but fast cars on crowded roads. Jaunts out into the countryside would have been a real challenge, if a reality of living there at all.

Besides all of that "un-scooter friendly" landscape was the whole experience of what would have been suburban living at it's worst. This area used to be my "hometown" and I had not lived there for 30+ years. The rape of the pastoral beauty by development and big box retail was beyond disturbing. It was downright depressing.

Every minute I was there all I could do was think about getting in my car and fleeing back to southern Ohio's primitive natural beauty. On Fridays I would leave the area around 5pm, drive 200 miles, come home, turn around on Sunday and leave around 4pm and drive back the 200 miles to stay with friends in their small house near the area where I worked. If it had not been for their support and generosity and warmth I would not have been able to endure it as long as I did.

I was elated to learn on my 4th week there that the contract was cancelled and I was headed home to Ohio. I had a wonderful Christmas time after arriving home. So grateful for every little thing about being home. I literally kissed the ground when I got out of my car on that Friday night around 8pm.

On that drive back I got a cell phone call for a job interview at a place that I had sent a resume to in October. That gave me a sense of confidence that I would land another position soon. Once I got home within the next 2 weeks I got 3 more calls.

By the second week of January I had landed a new job and will start it next week. I think it will really be a "dream job" and well worth waiting for!

Anyway, it all worked out and now my mind is turning to upgrades for my Scootie and possibilities of when and what bigger scooter I will add to my garage (after all, this IS a scooter blog, so got to stay focused on that!).