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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Cool Breeze Ride

Yesterday I just spent the afternoon riding out on the back roads around my county.

I didn't go very far, but I stayed out about 3 hours on the scooter.

It was a perfect day: sunshine, low humidity, light breeze, 70s. Just perfect.

I followed my usual "ride that refreshes" and spied my little donkey buddies alongside this road.

I've been stopping and talking to them on scooter rides since I moved back here in 2012.

I tried to get them to pose "just right", but they declined until just after I put my camera back in the handlebar pouch.

Thanks guys!

I travel down this little one lane paved road alongside the creek. It is particularly beautiful in autumn. Not so far off.

Some one decided to pose old bicycles alongside the fence line near their property by the creek. They caught my eye as I scooted.

I rode on into the village of Batavia where I stopped at a UDF and got some cheese crackers and a Starbucks Frappucino blended cold carmel coffee.

I was so relaxed due to the sunshine and pleasant breezes that I could hardly keep my eyes open!

Scooted over to a favorite cemetery and sat under a shady oak and drank my java and phoned a friend in Kentucky.

After a while there I headed back home alongside my creek route and paused for a photo, mostly because my rear end needed a reprieve!

Breezy crossed over 800 miles on her motor while on this ride and she is running smoothly and just purrs along, so glad to be out on the back roads.

Safe Rides...Deb