Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
Scootin' For A Slower Pace of Life...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Get Thankful, Turkey!

All right...quit yer bitchin' and GET THANKFUL, Turkies!

Oh, yeah...and have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING DAY while yer at it!

Love to all and SAFE RIDING!

Deb, Squirt, and Maxidog, "Co-Pilot Extraordinnaire"

Monday, November 19, 2012

Scootin' the Loops and Waves

Where have I been, perhaps you ask?

I ask that same question myself...especially when I ride around and around and around the local mall loop on my Met!

Yes, I am actually still getting in some rides, and I foresee riding through the winter as long as it does not snow or ice up.

These might be little rides, but I am out there, yes I am!

I am keeping my scooter in a local storage unit next door to our apartment complex and I go over there twice a week (at least) and ride the scoot around inside the storage unit lanes.

This is a blast, because the lanes are curved and dipped to facilitate drainage. It's like riding waves of concrete, rise up, dip down, rise up, dip down...

That is "minimal scootin'", these concrete waves, but they give a thrill and keep the battery charged up pretty good. My little Maxi sits in the truck and watches me go 'round and 'round.

For more of an "immediate rip-out ride fix" on the scoot I go across the street and ride the looped perimeter of the local mall parking area. Now this is a pretty big area and there are offshoot loops to explore and scoot around on.

It too is a blast!

Sunday has become my favorite scooting day around here, especially after 6 pm when the mall shuts down and the cars go home for the most part. That is getting ready to change, however, with the "Christmas Crazies" out shopping 24/7 beginning after Turkey Day.

After then we will probably focus on the Waves and other residential side roads in the neighborhood.

I have also considered some "night scooting" around here after 10pm as there are limitless shopping plazas, offshoot roads, etc to explore with 24 hour food and restrooms readily available to me if I need to stop and take a break.

This is a scenario where I can feel like I "own the roads" around here as hardly any cars are out. It's pretty neat, actually. And it's so brightly lit that I can see even without headlamps shining in front of me.

As long as there is no snow or ice and I can suit up to tolerate the wind, I see me and Squirt out and about through the winter.

Oh, and we are asking Santy for a WINDSHIELD! Don't know if he can scrub one up, but it would be nice to have to cut the icey wind! Brrrrr....

I've been good, Santa...please bring a windshield for Squirt to use to keep the wind out of her eyes and increase her speed by 2-5 mph!

Just a little Metro windshield would be good...