Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To The Covered Bridge

The covered bridge seemed to dwarf the scooter no matter how close I got to set up the shot. It was weird.

So finally the sun was out at the same time that it was sorta warm, so I took a first real ride of the pseudo-spring.

I headed out a favorite back road down into the valley along Route 50, over the East Fork River, and onto Stonelick-Williams Corner Road. There I came upon our restored version of the only remaining covered bridge in Clermont County.

The ride felt stressful rather than restful. I don't know why. There were a lot of motorcycles out. Big Harleys mostly. I got a lot of waves and grins but I was not feeling it. I wanted to hurry up and end the outing and the damn cell phone kept stopping me along the side of the road with calls from doctor's offices and transport services. I could barely understand what they were saying due to being outdoors in an open area.

New decals on the scooter with a puppy paw motif, Cheeky Seats seat cover in neon puppy paws, and reflective Yamaha decals.

Here are more pics of the decals on the scooter. The red stripes are reflective as are the Yamaha silver decals.

New cup holder.

It was a nice day to get out but I was glad to get home. My butt and back hurt and I just was bored with it all, really. I am starting to wonder if my scooting days are just about over. I don't know anymore and I am in no particular hurry to find out.

Anyway, it snowed the next day and the next and maybe that has something to do with my apathetic attitude. It is hard to feel joy and enthusiasm about doing any outdoor activity with these up and down temperatures.

Safe rides friends....