Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Progress on Heading Home

Last week I went out to Adams County twice. Once to help an old neighbor do some work on her property and the other day to meet with a local realtor.

We need to see if we can qualify for financing and buy a house or if we will have to rent one in the long run.

So our next step is to apply for a mortgage approval and we will use local contacts that he provided to see what we could get. There are also some grants out there that one of our neighbors in here obtained for a down payment, so we are optimistic. I am also a veteran, so maybe the VA loan program.

Anyway, all that is going to be initiated on Monday with multiple phone calls.

If we do not get approved then we will pursue some "owner financing" avenues or maybe even "lease to own".

I will keep an update going. Meanwhile, everybody keep your fingers crossed that we get some sort of financing because ownership is vastly preferred to having the landlady ride up in "your" driveway after 7 years and want her house back!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunset Scoot

Jumped on scootie and took a little sunset ride down my 12 mile loop through the valley. This route has been my "ride that refreshes" since I moved back here and so I felt a bit sentimental thinking that my summer rides here will soon be my last.

There's an old log cabin near a pond that I set as my destination and here is a Canadian goose couple and their brood.

The pond is peaceful and hidden to automobile drivers who fly by daily and haven't a clue as to what surrounds them.

As the pink and purple sky darkened I could not take some of the photos that I wanted to take, so I will ride there again soon and fill in the blanks for this blog entry.

I did see 4 deer rushing alongside me in the woods and a Holstein cow gave me a leery eye as I sat outside the fence and asked her how her day had been.

She didn't answer, but reared sideways and trotted off to her left only to eyeball me again from a safer distance.

Down in "the bottom" I learned that one of the old, old houses had caught fire a few weeks ago. It was boarded up and a neighbor on the lane who was walking her dog chatted with me for a few minutes and explained what happened.

The fire started due to a space heater. No one was hurt. The fire departments had to bring in a water truck as the local water is well water. The house is historical from the 1920s and the neighbor does not know what it's future will be.

It might be torn down or it might be renovated.

I love this valley and these back roads and will miss them when leave. I never knew these roads existed when I lived here before for ten years.

I discovered them all on my scooter.

"Jingles" is a great scooter! Big enough to tackle the hills and small enough to handle easily on low speed meanderings.

She is also very stable at high speeds, is super comfortable and quiet, and hauls all my "stuff". Guess I should do a small review of her talents for this blog.

Here she is alongside the pond and the historical farm house near the log cabin.

Just a nice little ride right outside my door.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

You CAN Go Home Again!

This view is one of my favorites from our time out in Adams County.

Since we returned to the suburbs of Cincinnati in September of 2012, my heart has done nothing but long for my Adams County life.

I am happy to share that in a few short months we will be returning to our country life out there! I am hoping to rent or buy a small cabin or cottage where we can spend our days surrounded by the quiet woods and our nights gazing at the brilliant stars in the sky or sitting around a bonfire with our neighbors.

We are not renewing our lease and our life will be turning around in the next few months. We don't have all the details ironed out yet, but we know enough to be able to state that we will be leaving here this summer and moving back out there.

As soon as the details are finalized I will be initiating a house search. I am excited beyond words, though a little scared because I have never bought a house and need to get educated pretty quickly. I have reliable mentors standing by, so it should be a great learning experience.

I am still delivering flowers but the business has really fallen off since Mother's Day. I accept that at some point I will be leaving that job and moving on into full-time house hunting. I am hoping to start up something of my own out there connected to flowers, plants, or dogs. Some little business that is home-based or part-time in the area. But first things first, as they say.

The search begins on Monday as I go out there and help out some old neighbors with work on their property and just spend time. I am going to do some riding around and see any properties that might be in the area where I lived before. I liked living among Amish neighbors and so that is my first preference.

Most of all I am looking forward to scooting my beloved back roads!