Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
Scootin' For A Slower Pace of Life...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Not To Be

Ain't gonna happen...

So yeah, an update on this situation. One day I go down to the powersports store and find this little used Metropolitan scooter sitting there with only 714 miles on it and *BAM!!* that is it!

I've swapped over my lay-away to the Met and the Ruck will have to wait awhile. Difference in price? Try $1500.

Yep, Rucks have gone up in the price that's for sure.

The Met is a 2002, no rust or damage, gone over by the shop, runs like a charm. Just like my 2009 that I woefully sold in 2013.

"The Met is a Ruckus dressed up to go out" with some pluses that are good for around here: locking center stand, locking under seat compartment, rear rack capacity, front basket capacity (already bought and ready to install), and a windshield available for colder weather.

The Met only gets up to 40 mph, is carburated, and has a MUCH more comfortable seat than the Ruckus.

So, for now, on my limited budget, I am going for the Met.

Updates to follow....

Not my photo, but this is what it looks like. Will try to post an actual pic later..

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scooter Fever

The relentless fever runs through my veins day and night...

Well, since I don't currently OWN a scooter, I've spent a lot of time on-line researching which one will be my next.

I've narrowed down a few features and preferences on my list of top choices. And that took considerable effort on my part because when it comes to scoots, I am like a "kid in a candy shop". I want them ALL! And RIGHT NOW! LOL

But I am trying to be smart about this and since I've got just a tad bit of experience "under my belt", so to speak, I do know enough to know what I do not want in a scooter. Been there, done that on some of these issues.



"Er, no..."

Yamaha C3...sweet, but hated the lack of a rear rack.

Ok, so yes. "scooter fever" is a painful thing and yet on-line scooter browsing helps to relieve it a bit. However, I actually did cross that browsing line last week and did a very brief visit to my local Honda/Yamaha power sports dealer. I was in a hurry, on my way to somewhere else, so I could not linger due to time constraints that day.

But I saw enough to know that this shop will probably be where I purchase my next scoot. Why? Well first of all they carry Honda and Yamaha scooters. I am probably going to stick to one of those brands because there is dealer support network widely available for maintenance and repairs.

When I move back out into the rural areas I can get what I need to keep my scoot going and going...

Secondly, these brands are bullet-proof reliable and have what I want in my next scooter.

And thirdly, it is 5 miles from home and I can get a taxi ride up there!

"At your service..."

Now that is not to say that I haven't seen a few other scooters that fit my criteria in another brand's line-up. I have indeed. But the dealer network is few and far between. Plus once I move back out into the rural area they are going to be WAY too far away in case something major goes wrong with the scoot.

Dirt roads are fun, but not when you break down out there in a "cellular dead zone".

Genuine Roughhouse 50, high on the list...

In sifting through the models available I had to get right down to what I like, what I don't like, what I want, what I don't want in my next scooter. Doing this assumes, in a way, that there is a "perfect" scooter out there.

I don't believe that this is possible, at least for most of us, so that leaves a tiny bit of "scrooching room" to negotiate the gaps.

Honda's Ruckus...always a contender...and my roots!

But when you are on a budget ya gotta just get right down to the basics in the here and now and leave the gaps by the wayside.

For right now, my basic requirements for a scooter look like this: large enough to be visible in traffic, fat tires, locking under seat storage is preferable, rear rack potential, strong head lamps for night riding, a floor board, fuel injection is preferable but not mandatory, a fairly comfortable seat height and acceptable ergonomics, a top speed of at least 40mph, light weight and maneuverable for handling and storage.

Pullin' at my heart strings...Yamaha's Zuma 50F scoot.

Right away, with this list, it becomes evident that I am more than happy with a 50cc scooter. This blog is not entitled "49ccscooterlife" for nothing!

This is not to say that I wouldn't go for a 125-150cc scooter. I would.

But for my riding style and intentions, 50cc would more than get me where I want to go.

"Mooove along, ladies..."

Lost along some random creek side road...

Mostly where I want to go is out on the back roads, riding slowly and drinking in the scenery, OR running up to the store or other local attractions on 35-45mph roads. My focus is avoiding traffic as much as I can unless I absolutely have no other way to get from point A to point B.

This is the way I started out riding and this is the way I will continue riding. It is the only way for me to enjoy scooting.

I've got 3 scooters in mind that so far seem to fit most of my "wants and needs" categories.

I have never sat on 2 of them or ridden them, but I hope to do so this week.

If one of them is "the one" then it will be a while before I can get it because I will have to save up the cash for the purchase. I enjoy no credit of any kind after long-term under-employment. "It is what it is", as they say.

However, there is always the possibility for a used one at a lower price to come along. Then I will be riding sooner!

I will name my scooter, "Harley" so that I can outfit her with all the gear and kit from the H-D shop up the street! LOL

Now that I have a good job as of last week (another post coming) I am hoping to set up a "scooter fund" to start saving up for my next scooter.

Anyway, my hope would be that by Labor Day weekend I might have my scooter which would give me about 2.5 months of decent riding season left to enjoy some back road exploration. It might come sooner than that, depending on my in-coming cash flow or the sudden appearance of a cheaper used one at this shop or on Craigslist.

Meanwhile the delirious insanity of "scooter fever" keeps my brain in a twist and a constantly moving twirl of dreaming about sweet rides out among the fields, creeks, and hollers.

When I am ready to pick-up the new scooter I will reveal the model and make.

Meanwhile, ride on and enjoy the summer, you lucky scooter-owning bastards!

NOTE: I "borrowed" a lot of photos for this post. They seemed to be free on-line. If you see one that is yours and you are pissed off, contact me and I will remove it immediately. Or take it as a compliment that I took the time to use it in my blog! Thank you, regardless.Scoot on!