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Monday, June 1, 2015

2010 Honda Elite 110 Scooter : A Mini-Review

I remember when this scooter first came out at my local Honda Powersports store. I was riding a Ruckus at the time and had come into the shop for some farkles or something.

The shop guy said, "Hey, check out this new scooter from Honda!" and I followed him over to the red one over in the corner.

"Look at this storage space!", he said as he popped the seat cover to reveal what I later called "the cavernous underseat storage".

Now THAT was impressive, considering I like to haul my "stuff" along into the backwoods!

Then he reached over and unlocked the little glove box. It locked and I could have space for my digital camera, wallet, and other "stuff":

Yeah, THAT was cool too!

It was a "bigger scooter", but it wasn't a "maxi scooter". It was "big enough" that it could hold saddlebags and tail packs for touring:

That was a plus as I wanted a scooter that could potentially handle some longer rides that might involve overnight stays.

It has a nice, easy-to-read dash that shows turn indicators (with a push button to cease feature), fuel level, maintenance alert, bright lights, and engine temperature:

I also liked a floorboard, having hauled dog food, pop, flowerpots, and grocery bags on my little Ruckus all over the ridge and back roads, out to the Amish market and over to "Wally World". And a grocery hook too! How totally convenient!

But wait! This Honda Elite 110 is black! Isn't "Jingles" a red scooter?

Yes. The black one was my first foray into a scooter bigger than 49cc and I wound up not keeping it long. Not long at all. I had seller's remorse for my red Ruckus and so went in search of another Ruckus.

Being on a "limited income", i.e., "poor" I had to trade in order to get back on a 49cc.

What was it about the Honda Elite 110 that I did not like? Nothing. It had pep, was smooth riding, comfortable, amenities out the wazoo, easy to handle, maneuverable at low speeds, stable at high speeds. Basically the best "all around scooter", as I said in my review on one website.

But I longed for a Ruckus. Cried really. And so I sought to get one back and could not find one anywhere, new or used. That search led me into getting my Metropolitan, a "Ruckus all dressed up to go out on the town", a decision which I do not regret as I came to love my Met too!

Anyway, I I had an Elite 110 in 2012 and wound up getting another one in 2014 after trying a Genuine Buddy Psycho. I knew I had to be able to keep up with the traffic here in the burbs AND I knew that I needed more power for long hauls in the foothills if I returned to Adams County, so I sought out the Elite 110 again and found a used one locally.

I have come to fall in love with this scooter and to recognize it's charms. Much moreso than I did in 2012.

It is fuel-injected so starts right up and runs smoothly and quietly every time.

I can ride it for hours and my butt does not go numb!

It's got enough wind protection with it's leg shield that you can squeeze your legs behind it during chilly rides.

A very low center of gravity, along with a gas tank that is in the floorboard, make for a very stable ride. I like to feel solid on the road riding at 53mph, the scoot's top speed, as well as while cruising the creek roads looking for deer at 5 mph.

It is "big enough, yet not too small" for me. I am 5'4" with a 29" inseam and I can sit on it and my feet touch the ground.

It is "two up" comfortably with foot pegs and a hand rail for passengers. I doubt I will ever have a passenger, but it's nice to know if I want to haul my neighbor along to the produce stand up the road that the scoot can handle it!

The scooter is under 300 lbs and I still have trouble with the center stand, but I plan to get the side stand device from Scooter Works and add it this summer.

It came with a rear rack built in and right now I am sporting my beloved basket because I find it to be the most versatile arrangement.

I also have a Tour Master tail bag and a Saddleman bag that I can add for more storage on the road. Plus my old equine saddlebags as shown on my old, now long gone, Met:

I got these at the Amish tack shop and they are absolutely fantastic for the $15 I paid for them!

There is a Honda windshield that can be installed on the scoot and I may one day order it for cool weather riding. It runs around $200.

The 12" front wheel and the 10" rear wheel do not feel "sketchy" at full throttle, which would freak me out and then some.

The front disc brake and linked brake system stop me on a dime and minimize fish tail fun.

I have to say this is a darn nice ride and could navigate a commuter through city traffic easily as well as carry a "good ol' gal" out into the back roads and foothills of the mountains with enough power, comfort, and reliability to keep her happy.

New this bike cost $2999 or about $3400 out the door. I've seen used ones, low mileage, on Scooter Finds, running as low as $1200. Why I don't know but I am guess that for many the "scooter craze" is over or they moved on to "sport scooters" or motorcycles. If you seek one out you can get a good deal on a scooter that is "small enough, big enough", and an "an all around ride".

Honda only sold this model ONE year in the USA. It is still sold worldwide as the "Lead". Go figure Honda's logic. Not.

DaBinche is a guy in LA who will lead you via his YouTube videos through all the maintenance tasks required. He has emerged as the " on-line guru" for Elite ownership to help you keep your scooter in top shape.

He has a thread running that is dedicated to the Honda Elite 110 over on Adventure Rider under Battle Scooters.

Many Met riders posted also on Urban Scootin about the Elite as well and there are other good reviews on and the Motor Scooter Guide.

This 2010 Honda Elite 110 can do all I need it to do and it is fun to ride, smooth, quiet, and gets over 100 mpg!

What's not to love?

Go get one!


  1. I ride a Vespa 250. But I love hearing about the Honda Elite, as well as all the scooters you have owned. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

    1. Thank you! Whatever we are riding, it's all good!

  2. Awesome review Deb! it is a handsome scooter. i haven't seen any Elites in Victoria, the dealers are selling the PCX 150 and little 49cc scooters. Its wonderful that you have a good solid multi purpose scoot.

    1. Thank you! I am happy with it and it truly is a great ride due to it's versatility and comfort.

      It's about to get a little sis, but I am keeping that one a secret until she actually is in the scooter lair!


  3. Deb you make me laugh! Your scooters are like M&M's you just can't get enough! Lol! You are the coolest scooter diva in the world. XO

    1. Wish I could justify 3 or 4 at a time! Loved most of them, hardly hated a few.

      They say scooter sales are down, but I cannot see why. These little things are a blast!