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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scooter Quiz #5

See if you know the answer to the quiz question and post your response. I will post the answer in a few days.

"This was a tiny folding scooter sold by Honda 1981-1983.

It was introduced as a "Trunk Bike" to fit inside subcompact cars like the Honda Today and the then new Honda City. The City's baggage compartment was actually developed around this scooter.

The handlebars, seat, and foot-pegs folded into the scooter's rectangular plastic body to present a clean, box-shaped package of 1185 mm L × 240 mm W x 540 mm H.

Honda's initial monthly sales projection for the domestic market was 8,000 City cars and 10,000 of these scooters. The City surpassed its targets, but in all only 53,369 scooters were sold by the end of production in 1983 (no more than 3,000 per month).

This scooter was marketed in conjunction with the City in television ads featuring British ska/2-tone band Madness." (liberally edited from Wikepedia)

Can you identify this scooter?

ANSWER: The Honda Motocompo!


  1. I think we were just talking about this at coffee on Saturday. I don't remember the name of it though. Doh!

  2. Honda motocompo ( I cheated and looked it up on the net) very cool, though not sure I would like to ride it on a roadway, sidewalk maybe.

    1. You rascal you! :=)

      YES! You are correct!