Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
Scootin' For A Slower Pace of Life...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog Challenge: Take a Slow Ride

And that is why I ride.

It is why I started riding in 2007 and it is what will keep me riding until I can ride no more.

A slower pace of life. The life I found living out in the country for 7 years. The joys of riding that I experienced riding my first Ruckus.

The little things.

Seeing a family of racoons watching me from a tree on the side of the road.

Watching a flock of bluebirds rise up from a bush along the lane.

Greeting cows who gaze at me and my scooter as we pass by their pasture.

Tracking a flock of geese as they glide overhead.

Parking on a bridge and listening to the bubbling sound made by the water rushing below.

Smelling honeysuckle vines, woodsmoke, and outdoor grills wafting on the summer breeze.

On my Ruckus I visited the organic farm and picked tomatoes, hauling home bags of them in the basket.

I shopped the Amish market and lugged home bags of dog food and bird seed on the floorboard.

I visited neighbors on my narrow ridge road and sat out on their porches and drank coffee and talked about nothing in particular.

I cruised the moonlit path to my neighbor's house and fed and let her dogs out while she was on vacation.

I even herded Holstein cows that had gotten out of their pasture and helped round them to the barn!

During all of these experiences I was not going over 43 mph.

Not once!

During all of these experiences I found a oneness with my surroundings, a deep sense of belonging, a quiet peace, a profound joy.

THAT stuff is what got me hooked on riding a scooter!

Finding that slower pace of life that had become lost in a cage which was always in a hurry.

I knew even when I named my blog "49cc scooter life" that in some intuitive way there was something very special to this slower pace of life experienced on a scooter.

But then I got side-tracked by the notion that somehow I'd be better off going faster and going further than I had been on a scooter up to that point.

I should have remembered what I'd learned living among the Amish for 7 years-that staying close to home and going slowly and mindfully was a richer experience than going faster and becoming distant and losing perspective.

Blog challenge: try a really slow ride on your scooter or motorcycle or bicycle and notice the little things, the little joys around you that you might miss if you were zooming by in a hurry.

THEN, share a photo and tell us about your experience of slow riding and the little sights and experiences you enjoyed at a slow, leisurely pace.


  1. Well said. You already know I'm a slow paced person on foot and on my bike (which is hanging in the garage still) and my little Met was all I wanted for a scooter. It's that slow mindful life that has the most riches.

  2. You've got it figured out Deb......I wish more of us would/could. There is much pleasure from moving through an area at those speeds. My moving average all weekend was 37. Some of us are lucky enough to have the freedom and the places to be on public roads at these prehistoric speeds.