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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Time is many things, has many qualities, many variations.

We do many things to Time. We pass it. We kill it. We buy it.

Some Times are good, some are old, some are hard.

We lament our lack of it..."if I only had more"....

When the "Time is right" it works. When it's not, it is "all wrong".

It waits for no man, while others serve it.

We take it for granted, yet it passes quickly.

We can look back at it and wonder where it went, we can glimpse it for a second in the present, and for the young there is all of it in the world.

Many regret the passing of it.

Many win victories or even medals due to how briefly it passes.

Clocks track it, the spin of the Earth drives it forward, everyone wastes it, some don't know how to fill it, yet all want more of it.



  1. The point is to not be ruled by the Old Tyrant Time. For sanity's sake it's best to try to let that concept go and just enjoy now. It's hard work but can be done...I keep trying.

    Another point is that the concept of time differs culture to culture.

    1. True. I try to live like my doggies, "in the moment" in a canine, Zen-like delight!

  2. Well said.

    I haven't worn a watch in over 10 years. If I absolutely need to know the time and I am not at work at my desk I always have my cell phone. Although most times I don't even take my cell with me anywhere.

    1. When I was a girl I used to go on church retreats where they would make us take off our watches in order to be more present to the moment and reflective. It really works!

      I too rarely wear a watch and when I do for fun it's usually an old Mickey Mouse or Scooby Doo that has not run in years!

  3. I have noticed that it feels like time has sped up since I have had a child, mainly due to watching her grow and change, it seems to make time go fast. Then there are moments when I am out on my bike or scooter and time seems to stand still. I wish we didn't have the concept of time. The only time part of the year that I truly do not worry about time is when I am on my vacation, the alarm clock goes into the drawer for the entire vacation and we get up, eat and sleep when we want.

    Great post Deb!

    1. I think when we are not focused on time it is more of a relaxing thing. Like riding or golfing or cooking. Then I am focused on the moment at hand and escape time.

      The older I get the less time seems to make sense. Maybe that is because I don't feel my age, whatever that means. In fact, I feel younger, more carefree than I did in my twenties.