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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Changes Put Upon Us

Change can be good, can be bad. Mostly at my age I hate it.

Sometimes it is refreshing. Other times it is downright scarey.

I think it's always better to get to choose change, rather than have it forced upon us.

But then that happens, and it happened to us a few days ago. We got a surprise visit from the people who own the house we rent. They live over 90 miles away in another state, so I knew something was up.

Well it was. Turns out they want their house back for family reunions, etc. and we have so many months to vacate the premises.

Wow. What the hey?

Well, we DID want to move next spring, back closer in toward the city, where there are people and fun things to do and restaurants and just "life".

People living life!

For me it's the social isolation, for my partner it is the 100 mile commute. So we were ready and planning it all in our heads anyway.

But now we've "been told" and so the hunt for a new house or apartment or condo (or whatever we will live in) begins.

We are hoping to be out of here by winter as winter out here is just plain awful.

But I wonder, what will scooting be like where I go? What type of riding will I be able to do? If I am in an apartment, where will I keep my scooter? Will I continue to ride at all if I live where there is a lot of traffic? Many questions emerge.

Change has been put upon me and I wonder if I will be able to continue to ride the back roads somewhere or ride safely at all or even want to continue riding where there is lots of traffic. It does not seem appealing.

Time will tell. As it always does.

Meanwhile, life is soon to be over as we've known it for the past seven years...


  1. Scootering in the city is different for sure. But before you make any changes about your choice of transport, check it out first. Some changes might not be necessary. As you were saying: Time will tell. Good luck on finding a nice new home in a nice neighbourhood with lots of good neighbours.

    1. Thank you, Sonja!I appreciate the well wishes and the good advice. I hope "the best is yet to come" as they say.

  2. I just put up my "Change" post and I come over here and now look what's happening with you!

    That is certainly a change that's pushing YOU. But now there is no uncertainty or discussion about moving. You are on that path.

    I have the same scootering concerns that you do in my new location (wherever and whenever I get there), but I'm really not aiming for a neighborhood in town. I still need some rural life to be at peace.

    There are nice rural subdivisions and I hope you find one. Best wishes, and really, congratulations on your new journey.

    1. That is too bizarre! How coincidental can it get? I had no idea this was also your topic!

      I think we will gear ourselves toward a more or less peaceful, quiet semi-rural area near the burbs. Something chock full of new scooter adventures!

      I hate traffic. One area I am looking at will keep me on the back roads and accessible to my beloved "Ohio Byway" along the Ohio River.

      Depending on prices and what I find I may have to opt for an apartment, but really hope to find a little house to rent.

      Hey, you've got a little house! Whadaya think?

      Another odd coincidence, I have always driven Hondas and currently own a Honda CRV and it's RED. Great little work horse of a car!

  3. Deb:

    While change has been forced upon you, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It forces you to look forward and just when you think that the worst has come, you may find that it was the best thing that ever happened and wondered why you didn't do it before

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. This is very inspiring for me to read. Thank you for that Bob. I feel it will too!

  4. I think that was just destiny giving you a push in the right direction.

    Some times it is a pain in the butt when you have to move on someone else's terms, but at the same time I am a believer of 'things happen for a reason" Maybe you will find the perfect place to move into that wouldn't have been available in the spring.

    Think of the new scooter roads you will encounter. I am looking forward to tagging along on your moving adventure.

    1. It could get pretty interesting!

      Moving is a "pain in the butt". More than anything I know!

  5. Sounds like you are heading for new exciting adventures. Riding in a new area is always fun, you do get tired of the same old routes. Best of luck to you!!!

    1. Thanks! Hey, if I am closer in I hope to ride with you all some time!

  6. Ah, change. I love puttering around the neighborhoods here. There is always something to see, to notice. It has sounded as if you've been fixin' to get ready to move for a while now. I guess the fixin' is out of the equation and now it's time for ready, set, go!

    I'm pulling my chair up next to Brandy's and looking forward to tagging along on your adventure.

    1. I thought last fall we'd be out of here by winter! Actually for the past few years that has been a wish. Hopefully this year will be the Big Enchilada!

  7. Deb - geez I am late to the party again! Don't look on the new changes that are coming with angst. You may not find it bad at all. I commute in traffic all the time, at first it was scary, but then you develop routes, get to know what the traffic is like and it's not so bad. I still go for rips out on slow twisty roads & you will find those roads again. What an adventure!