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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Not Dead Yet

I have not posted in over a year. Some of you may wonder where I have been so I am checking in.

Mostly my life for the last 2 riding seasons has been about loss and struggle. I lost my life partner of 28 years in May of 2018.

Social Security took income so I was forced to sell my scooter in order to pay the rent until I could find a job after being a full time caregiver. So I've have not ridden the past 2 seasons because I am still trying to recover financially.

Five months after, I lost 2 of our 3 dogs. One to mouth cancer and my beloved Maxi (she is the one you see here) to old age. She made it to age 17+ and she could no longer stand or walk.

With my heart completely broken I went back to doing flower delivery with a local florist and grief counseling with hospice.

My car died in September and by a literal miracle I was able to replace it with a 5 year old better one. But no scooter.

The holidays came and went and I worked on getting my counseling license. I was able to finally do that and have been working some private practice hours but it is an uphill struggle to get clients, as it always has been.

I went from delivering flowers to delivering food after Mothers Day.

So I have been busy and mostly working on improving my physical and psychological health.

No scooter, no credit, no ability to gain ground on any of it. At least for now.

I miss riding more than words can express, truly up until recently, I would not have been safe to ride due to poor concentration and anxiety, including panic attacks.

I hope I will be able to get a scooter next spring and get back to riding. I miss it so much.

In the meantime I rescued 3 dogs. One was a puppy found on the road and he is now my best buddy. Eight months old next week. A Boxer mix of something or other.

I have a black and white 5 year old Shit Zu terrier mix who is missing an eye but makes up for that with a feisty little soul and energy to keep us all going.

My last Bichon that we owned is now 13 and still a live wire herself.She has become the new Co-pilot and loves her brothers so much.

I have come a long way and I hope to get back to scooting and blogging and taking photos of my forays into the countryside.

My next phase meanwhile is to try to get back to riding my bicycle, which I haven't done in years. Anything to simulate scooting. But never the same.

Time has marched on, much and many have been lost, but I am not dead yet.


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  1. My sympathies on your rough patch. Losing loved ones is horribly hard. I'm glad you can bring new dogs into your life which helps us feel better. We all need to give love as well as get it. I hope you get a scooter soon. As long as you want one, it's just a matter of time before it comes into your life. Hang in there. Thanks for giving us an update.