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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saddlemen R1300LXE Delux Roll Bag

If you are tired of the "basket look" and don't want the rattling of a hard shell top case, consider a tail roll bag like the Saddlemen R1300LE Delux Roll Bag for your scooter or motorcycle.

This thing is awesome! It can be left compact width as is, or unzipped on the sides to expand your storage capacity.

The entry flap is on the top and can be locked shut at the zipper with the little included lock that attaches.

The bag is sturdy and does not collapse on itself, yet is flexible enough that you can stuff grocery bags or jackets inside. It might take a helmet-I never tried that because my underseat storage can swallow up 2 helmets, but I think the bag could do it.

The bag attaches by 2 clasp straps which can be expanded and contracted. Right now mine is attached by these straps being run under and through my rear carry rack. It is tight and secure. No worries.

For motorcycles with a sissie bar there is a wide velcro strap on the front of the bag that can be secured tightly.

There are loops and straps on the sides and top of the bag for bungees or other attachments, as you may use them.

I love the rain cover! I keep it on the bag when the scooter is parked outside under it's cover and it is definitely waterproof in torrential rains. I cannot guarantee that on just the cover alone, but it is nice to have when you need it.

Inside the bag there are 2 slot pockets for stuff and a pocket for the rain cover.

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