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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clearing the Cobwebs Before I Finalize My Choice...

Ok. There's things bothering me about the Honda Elite 110. It's the already noted drawbacks, the things I've been reading in reviews, and some of my own concerns.

There are a few things that I wonder about. Mostly it is the lack of a kick-starter. I have used that on my Ruckus all through the winter months (even today!) and it is a major plus in my book. There is none on the Elite. Here's hoping I have no problems keeping the battery charged up over the winter months!

It's "fuel injected" and I don't know if that makes a difference, but maybe. I don't want a scoot that I cannot start up without disassembling the thing and hooking the battery up to a trickler, though I have avoided this with my Ruckus by running it for 15 minutes weekly in the winter months of storage.

The other part is the reviews I've read say that the scoot goes up to 53 mph. I've experienced a very peppy ride, but is this "enough" scoot do the things I want to do on it part of which is 50 mile plus rides into the city or light touring rides?

I look at it this way: if Wan can ride a 49cc Ruck across the U.S., then I can ride a 108cc Elite across some distance too! Why not? It's comfortable, got plenty of storage, and fuel capacity can always be extended by toting MSR fuel bottles on board. Should not be a problem to do back road adventures on this baby, right?

I am seeing Genuine Buddy 125's used for around $2,000 or less and they top out at 60mph+ and hold 1.7 gals of gas over the 1.6 on the Elite.
I've also seen used Yamaha Vino 125s for around $2,000 or less. But neither of them are fuel-injected so the Elite's performance is going to be similar. Maybe a few mph less, but on a scooter I am not going to be riding the interstates (I wouldn't be doing that on a Silver Wing!). So does it matter?

I could be riding a new Buddy 125 with 60+mph, 100+mpg, kick-starter, side stand, accessories available (wind shield, rack, top cases, etc.), and plenty of storage for $3,000 out the door for new or around $2,000 used. If I wound up liking a Buddy, which I have never test-ridden.

I must admit they do intrique me with their almost "cult following". People seem to love them! It may be worth it to check these out. before finalizing my purchase of the Elite 110.

On the other hand, the Elite 110 is a Honda, with all that this implies and to me it implies reliabililty, quality, and excellent service available a few miles from my home.

The Elite is a scooter that is not being marketed again by Honda in the U.S.A. New ones are going out the doors of dealerships at discount (due to the recession, no doubt) and I DO like buying a new product if I can swing it.

Second guessing oneself before finalizing my decision...such fun!


  1. Deb:

    I like the idea of a used Vino 125cc. There are Yamaha dealers all over North America. Get one for $2,000. and save your money. It has everything you wanted and they are very reliable.

    I would say that anything that is fuel injected will NOT have a kick starter. If the battery is dead, you will not have power. FI needs power to spray fuel into the cylinders. Kick starting won't help, thus NO kick starter.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Hey, thanks for that info on the FI!

    I am going to test ride a Genuine Buddy 125 and Vino 125 if I can. I can go to a dealer for the Buddy and I have to admit, everything I've read on that scoot screams "could be the one"!

    For the Vino I'll have to find a used one locally. Many of our Yamaha dealers closed during the recession. Plus on that one the positioning of the gas cap really bothers me and always has. It's under where you'd put the top case.

    The Buddy has almost a "cult following" and whenever I see that kind of thing going on then I have to think that scooter is "sweet".

    Just gotta find out if I'd like it...

    Then there's the possibility of a People 150. I tried that once, but didn't give it a fair shake, I don't think. I might find one used for a good price. It seems to have the features I'm looking for as well.

  3. Deb ,

    My little vino kicks butt. It seriously rocks and my hubby was impressed with and said it is built just as well as most motorcycles. I have a top case and it is located on the same place and its not an issue. You have to go with what your gut is telling you, go test ride the others, it's a lot of dough to put out.