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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cortech Sport Tail Bag-Great Addition for Shopping, Touring, etc.

Are you looking for a way to carry groceries on your scooter or motorcycle but don't want to add a permanent topcase or basket?

Maybe you own two scoots and want to be able to easily transfer one bag (or baggage system) between them.

Are you looking for a bag to pack up your duds for a day trip or overnight excursion but your underseat storage area is just not big enough for all of it?

Maybe you are commuting and wish you had a way to transport your laptop, jacket, lunch, etc. and then easily take it into the office with you?

What about a tail bag that could take on saddle bags as well and then you're set for touring, major shopping, hitting the yard sales, or just about any other use for all 3 pieces?

Well, if any of these statements describe you, you ought to give this Cortech Sport Tail Bag a look!

I picked up a red one on Ebay for use on my Ruckus and also on my Elite. On the Ruckus it sits on the rear rack and tail light mount. On the Elite it will fit on the back half of the seat.

It is so easy to attach to your scooter as it uses 4 adjustable bungee cords (built right into the bottem of the bag) that you secure onto your scooter frame or seat or rack by way of large plastic hooks on the ends of the bungees.

These cords retract into the bottem of the case which has a soft, foam-like platform that rests on your scoot's surface. I added a hard rubber mat inside my case's inside bottem to reinforce it's firmness.

The case itself has a hard rubber handle for convenient off-scoot carrying and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap as well.

There are 2 zip side pockets with storm flaps and the entire case expands by way of a cleverly designed zipper system. It becomes so wide that a laptop will easily fit inside.

Inside the case lid there are a few zip pockets, a key clip, and pen holders. The interior of the case is huge and being soft, expands.

I could see myself carrying 2-3 small plastic grocery bags in there or clothing items such as a jacket or shoes.

There is also a rain cover (black) that fits over the entire case. I wish they had made this in hi viz neon yellow or something, but you'll have to settle for black.

This tail bag attaches by clips to the seperately sold matching saddle bags. I am planning to get a set of those which I can use on my bigger scooter for touring.

The whole tail bag is easily removed from your scooter. I would advise keeping it in the house when not in use as I could see this bag as being easily lifted as there is no way it "locks" onto your scooter.

I would rather have something like this that I use occasionally and which allows me to maintain the clean profile of my scooter than ride with a noisy plastic topcase buzzing along with me down the road.

Another plus is you can take it off and carry it like a shoulder bag on day tours for shopping or just to ensure that your stuff does not get stolen.

I got the red for higher visibility, but it comes in red, black, and blue.

Just Google "Cortech Sport Tail Bag" and you can find them being sold everywhere for around $75.

An awesome price for a high quality and versatile piece of scooter luggage!


  1. Wow look who is blogging up a storm! Deb this is awesome to see you blogging. I have been thinking of a tail bag for my bike, but just haven't been able to decide what I want. I will have to look around town here for a cortech & see if it is easily mounted on a motorcycle. I am tired of hauling a back pack around.

    1. They were really made for motorcycles so it ought to fit on your baby. Plus you could add the saddlebags to match!

  2. Deb:

    you must have bought this tail bag before you bought your new scoot. You knew you were going to buy that Elite, even BEFORE you went on that test ride. You were probably dreaming of it . . .

    It's nice to have storage options

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Deb I have been thinking about the tank bag & roll bag. Cortech makes TourMaster gear and my jacket and pants and I love them. They are well made and very durable. I still ride Vixen from time to time, but I think I am going to be selling her soon. She needs to belong to someone who is going to ride her more than I do.