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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Prospective Scooter "Laundry List"

So here's my laundry list of potential bigger scoots so far. These are ones I have thought of and researched. Some I have actually test ridden, some I have not:

Honda Big Ruckus

Test rode one in 2007 and I should have bought it then. Guy was asking $2900 for a yellow one. Preferring a black one, I walked away thinking I'd find another. Now they are very hard to find one for sale. Those I've seen on-line are listed high as they know they can get it for this rare and wonderful scooter.

Honda Reflex

This one appeals to me but then I believe it is might be too big for me to feel comfortable handling. Reputed to be good for a smaller rider, having a low seat. Occasionally I've seen used ones locally going for around $2,000ish depending on the year and condition. I wouldn't mind trying one out, but I'd prefer one with the smaller windscreen.

Honda Helix

I test rode one once on a very short ride. On the one I rode I did not like looking through plexiglass wind screen. What turns me off about the Helix is the gooney looking front end and the right foot pedal on the floorboard. Supposedly they have a very comfortable seat, run powerfully, and are described as the "creme de la creme" of touring scoots. Also fitted for shorties like me. There sure are plenty around for sale at low prices. I think I might like to give one a real test ride again. I would have to try not to look at the front end anymore than I have to! LOL

Honda Elite 110

Honda PCX

Yamaha Zuma 125

I test rode one and liked it. It was fast and felt similar to sitting on a Ruckus. The seat felt higher and it felt hard. Not sure this one would be comfortable for longer rides. They rare to find used and their prices tend to run high. Many Ruckus owners step up on a Zuma 125 because it has many of the rugged attributes found in a Ruck. I might consider it if I could locate one to try again and the price was right

Yamaha Vino 125

This one is THE MYSTERY SCOOT that I am dying to try! It would offer similar features to the Honda Elite 110 but would have the motorcycle style handlebars, kick start, and a side stand, plus go up to 60mph with 125cc. And a FLOORBOARD. I love the looks of it too. I am seeing multiple used ones around locally from $1500-2200. I read one review by an Elite 110 owner who also rode a Vino 125 and he said the Elite blows the Vino off the road even though the Vino has more ccs. He attributed that to the EFI on the Elite 110 which gives it a performance edge. Interesting.

Genuine Buddy 125 and 150cc

These are popular in Cincinnati due to their being sold by a major scooter dealership that is at the heart of the scooter community there. Their looks is pure retro and their color array is awesome! So is their line-up of after market accessories. Plus they come with a 2 year warranty and roadside assistance. The reviews are excellent as is the reputation of the company. I feel put off somewhat by the tiny dashboard set-up on these scoots, though that did not bother me on the Elite 110, which is similar. Prices on these scoots new and used are awesome. I definitely want to arrange a visit to the shop and a test ride.

Kymco People 150

I rode one of these on a test ride a few years ago. What I remember is that it is tall and I felt like I was sitting way up high looking down on the console. Fast scoot, nice big tires, smooth ride. The big wheel effect mimicks a motorcycle-like ride but for shorties like me it might be an issue.


  1. Deb - my Yamaha Vino 50cc is just a smaller version of the 125. It is a beautiful scoot & has a kick start. My hubby bought it for me because of it essentially being like a motobike in some respects. Love that scoot, wouldn't hesitate to buy one, nicer looking than some of the others.

    My heart is still going to the Honda PCX. THAT SCOOTER ROCKS!! Good cross between scoot & bike.

  2. You should go and try out a PCX! It might get you back on a scooter that will go fast and far! Though I am not sure they are sold in Canada...

    I am glad you seem to be keeping Vixen! 50cc scoots are a blast and have a place in my heart. I just won't give up my Ruckus so I have to find an affordable second mate for her! LOL

  3. Deb,

    I am jealous of the fact that you can test ride scooters - here in the Johnstown area - I don't have that ability. One dealer in town and they don't carry very many in stock. Ordered a Honda Ruckus a couple of weeks ago - sight unseen - still isn't in - though Honda confirms the order - Lisa