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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Honda Elite 110~I Couldn't Help Myself...When It's Right, It's Right!!

I went back to the dealership today and rode the Honda Elite 110 again. This time I really took it out on about a 10 mile ride in the area.

I rode it on a 45 mph 4 lane highway, throughout a college campus, up into a residential area, and through a local cemetary with a gravel and packed dirt road running through it. And, oh yes, up a steep hill to the cemetary gate.

Doing all this gave me a feel for the scooter's handling and my comfort level while riding it. It was supreme in all respects!

Smooth, responsive, agile, quiet, and fast when I needed it to be. It also handled well at a variety of speeds and especially on uneven surfaces of packed dirt and gravel at very slow speed.

This is important because getting it out of my farmhouse "drive way" and onto the road is a touchy situation. Once I am out of that I am on pavement, but even then we have some rough roads up here to traverse before getting to more smoothly paved ones.

The scoot managed it easily and it felt stable picking through the rough stuff. It also zoomed right up the steep hill without hesitation and believe me, my home area is full of steep hills. The Ruck struggles at less than 10 mph up the steepest one. This Elite 110 went straight up without a hitch. Man, that was neat!

I returned to the dealership, haggled a bit with them, got a bit of a discount, and put it on lay-by for 60 days.

Now comes the hard part: waiting to pay it off with each passing payday. I hope I will have her out and on the road for Memorial Day weekend, if not sooner!

Wheeeeeee Whoooooooo! Can't wait for that first long ride out into the country! Best part? I can now GO SOMEWHERE on my scooter! Not just putz along on the side of the road!

Now the Ruckus will be in good Honda company with her Elite 110 sister!


  1. Deb:

    Let me be first to congratulate you on your sccoter purchase. You're going to have lots of fun with it. You are right about having a bit more power to keep up with traffic, and not having to always take the slow route, but you can still go slow if you want to

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've already got several day trips in mind that I'd like to do right away!

    Also, I am hoping to find some others to ride with through a scooter club in nearby Cincinnati. Now I can keep up with a group!

    Meanwhile, I am still riding my Ruckus everywhere and every chance I get. I never get tired of that little scoot!

  3. Deb this is fantastic! Congratulations! Enjoy your new scootie! You are going to love the extra power! you got the black one I take it. Woooo Hooo!!!

  4. I did get the black one! I thought it was really stunning plus the Ruckus is red. Enough with the red!

    Now the waiting....


  5. Woo Hoo your little Ruck will have to tide you over, it won't be long! I expect lots of pictures!