Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Returning to Life

Letting the world know that I am slowly returning to life and beginning to recover from the last 2 years of caregiving and loss.

It is hard to look forward some days, but I have been blessed with support and daily joys in spite of the struggles.

First off, I am once again delivering flowers! I work for a local florist and do 3-6 afternoons a week. The owner and the people in the shop are wonderful. I am an independent contractor and I enjoy the freedom of that arrangement.

"Flower gigging" has oftentimes lifted my spirits over the years and this time is no exception. Getting out and driving in the community with a car load of beautiful colors and smells surrounding me is darn good therapy.

"One day at a time..."

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sweet Peace Has Come

My sweet baby passed peacefully on May 6, 2018. 28 years together. May she rest in peace. Loved and missed every moment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To The Covered Bridge

The covered bridge seemed to dwarf the scooter no matter how close I got to set up the shot. It was weird.

So finally the sun was out at the same time that it was sorta warm, so I took a first real ride of the pseudo-spring.

I headed out a favorite back road down into the valley along Route 50, over the East Fork River, and onto Stonelick-Williams Corner Road. There I came upon our restored version of the only remaining covered bridge in Clermont County.

The ride felt stressful rather than restful. I don't know why. There were a lot of motorcycles out. Big Harleys mostly. I got a lot of waves and grins but I was not feeling it. I wanted to hurry up and end the outing and the damn cell phone kept stopping me along the side of the road with calls from doctor's offices and transport services. I could barely understand what they were saying due to being outdoors in an open area.

New decals on the scooter with a puppy paw motif, Cheeky Seats seat cover in neon puppy paws, and reflective Yamaha decals.

Here are more pics of the decals on the scooter. The red stripes are reflective as are the Yamaha silver decals.

New cup holder.

It was a nice day to get out but I was glad to get home. My butt and back hurt and I just was bored with it all, really. I am starting to wonder if my scooting days are just about over. I don't know anymore and I am in no particular hurry to find out.

Anyway, it snowed the next day and the next and maybe that has something to do with my apathetic attitude. It is hard to feel joy and enthusiasm about doing any outdoor activity with these up and down temperatures.

Safe rides friends....


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Spring?

I am still on the planet and still keeping my scooter charged on the battery tender every week. Yep, not even a first ride yet.

A lot has happened since my last post and none of it easy to talk about. My role as sole caregiver for my partner of 28 years continues, but now we have the help of hospice nurses and counselors and chaplains and social workers and volunteers and personal care aids in our home.

They started assisting us in the first week of January and they have been an indescribable blessing. We could not manage without their support. She is holding her own, having lost a lot of weight due to not having the desire to eat much anymore. It is hard to see and hard to experience as cooking and sharing meals together was always such a big part of our home life together.

Hospice says this is normal as her system and heart cannot manage the role of digestion like it used to. I shop and cook a bit of this and that and somewhere in there she eats a few nibbles a day.

I have a weekly counselor that I see and can get respite days every month that help me rest and get an emotional break. That helps a whole, whole lot though I cannot help but worry when she is away at the hospice house.

She has mostly good days, meaning free of pain, but is now totally bed bound in a huge airbed in her room. This, after multiple falls in December due to evolving muscular weakness. The heart can only do so much and then it is done trying.

There is no cure for this, no medication to make it better any more. It is now about keeping her pain free and at home awaiting the inevitable end of this life and crossing over into the next.

Little about our lifestyle now is easy, but we do have many moments of peace and share in every day joys that arise.

The "talks" have all been had, the love is expressed daily, and the knowledge that the end is coming soon always in the air.

But she, and the "we" that we are, are here TODAY.

I live with the awareness that this reality could shift at any moment in time.

So I try to enjoy the simple blessings of each day, just being together.

So that is my update for now.

Wishing you the joys of spring and many wonderful rides this year.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Where Have I Been?

It has been a long time since my last post. Almost all summer, in fact. I thought I'd post an update as to what I have been doing.

Not much! There, how's that?

There is a bit more, but not much other than mundane daily life stuff.

Since I retired in April I have been mostly relaxing and enjoying each day. We now are not struggling so much financially and that has brought peace and rest. We now know where our next meal is coming from, as they say.

I have become a full-time caregiver for my other half. She is doing well, though has had some setbacks here and there with mysterious infections that twice landed her in the hospital. She is continuing working on the goal of walking again, though we have learned that the process of stroke recovery is way slower than we would have ever anticipated.

I remain optimistic that she will at least be able to maintain a good quality of life, even with mobility limitations.

Recovering from long-term under-employment has also been a challenge. We continue to try to manage our budget to cover medical bills and household bills. I am not available to work outside the home due to my care giving role,so I am trying to do some flipping of antiques and collectibles, among other items, on Craigslist and Ebay.

This gets me out for a few hours to thrift stores and yard sales, and that is fun. I would love to have some sort of education as to the value and identity of things I see. Pawn Stars and American Pickers remain my mentors.

I still have, and ride daily, my blue Yamaha C3, "Blue Breeze", courtesy of a mysterious and lovingly appreciated fellow moto blogger. She has become my main source of transportation to the grocery as now our 19 year old Honda CRV has drawn it's last breath.

We will have to wait until next year for a car because they don't offer car loans to "old folks" on Social Security only! LOL I am just glad we continued living here at the "Cottage By the Mall". It is so convenient to everything and I can scoot walk or ride the bicycle to the grocery stores nearby.

Maxi, the little white doggie that you see in my scooter photos, turned 16 this year. She is struggling daily, but still enjoying a quality of life, though she is way slower and sadly, not very active anymore. She is now blind and deaf and her days of long walks and posing on scooters is over. But she loves her mommas and her next meal, so has moments of doggie bliss in spite of age.

We try to make her life as pleasant as possible because we know that she could cross over to the Rainbow Bridge any day now. I can't even think about it. I just take it one day at a time and love her as best as I can each day.

I will try to get out and post some ride pics and some pics of my scooter and her "sticker gallery" and other jazzy upgrades. Autumn is coming and that is prime scooting and anything outdoors time for me. I miss rides with my camera. Gotta get on it.

I still aspire to a big scooter mate next year for BB, if the money comes. I am focusing on a used Honda PCX as my main fast ride. I've settled on the white color. I don't care what year it is, I just need to be able get WAY out in the country on it as we've decided to live here in the burbs for awhile more.

I still yearn for those far out back roads. I am even considering changing my blog name to reflect that: "Back Road Scooter Love".

What do you think?

Anyway, it's nice to dream about things like this and maybe it will work out when it is supposed to.

It keeps me going, like all things scooter related. Times get rough, there's always a scooter ride! Right?

Anyway, hope all of you are enjoying your summer and ride safe and ALWAYS respect the gravel!

Maxi on my 2009 Met...long gone scooter, senior citizen rider.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Never Forget

Visit a cemetery, fly a small flag, stop for a moment and say a silent prayer of love and honor to those who have passed on.

And never, never forget that some gave all so we could be free.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sweet Spring Thing

The air has been filled with a mysterious sweet odor all week long. Scooting about, who could miss it?

It is the delicious fragrance of honey suckle blossoms in the air, everywhere!

Mostly I’ve noticed it all along the back of the shopping plaza where I scoot to get groceries to bring back to the “cottage by the mall”. Back there, where no cars roam, there is an entire line of honey suckle bushes. Just beyond that line there is a hidden creek, running down to a small secluded pond where Canadian geese often wing their way from out over my cottage yard.

So the honey suckle flourish there and their sweet smells fill the wind with childhood memories of bike rides and days spent lazing in the sun with no cares.

Out riding along a country lane, we’d stop and linger on the side of the road underneath the honey suckle bushes, their creamy yellow buds dancing delicate among the leaves and twigs.

Every kid knows to pull the petals off the stem and put the little drop of honey on your tongue. This guy figured it out years ago: Adam Lonicer, a German botanist, (10 October 1528 – 29 May 1586) who hailed from Marburg, Germany.

He was a pretty smart fellow. He taught mathematics at the University of Marburg and later went on to become a physician. In fact he became the “town physician” in Frankfurt am Main. I found that interesting as I lived there as a kid in the 1960s. Beautiful city!

Anyway, he really loved herbs and botany the most and he is the one who coined the name “honey suckle”, for obvious reasons. Honey suckle is categorized under the genus Lonicera, named for who else, Adam Lonicer.

Interestingly there are now known to be over 200 varieties of honey suckle plants in the world. Bees and hummingbirds love them and I remember loving the simple pleasure of tasting that tiny drop of nectar on my tongue as a kid many years ago.

So if you haven’t had the pleasure of sampling the nectar of the honey suckle flower, maybe it’s time to walk, bike, or scoot out
into the countryside and see what you have been missing!

Safe rides….

All photos are borrowed from the internet...too cold and wet to be out today!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My New Ride!

Meet my 2007 Yamaha C3, “The Blue Breeze”!

I took her on a little ride through the valley yesterday and we stopped by our favorite creek overlook to listen to the quiet trickle of the water over stones in the creek bed…

Of course I visited my cow and donkey friends, who greeted me with approving looks…

Breezy has new tires, a new battery, fresh synthetic oil, fresh coolant, and a cleaning out with Sea Foam.

She’s ready for adventures and little trips to the grocery and farmer’s market!

The Yamaha C3 is my favorite 49cc scooter of all so far. It was imported to the U.S. in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. It is still sold in Europe as the Giggle and in Japan as the Vox.

This scoot is fuel-injected, 3-valve, water-cooled, and will go up to 40mph restricted and gets over 100 mpg!

It is a hoot to ride and now they are getting harder to find because fans just love them for their solid handling and roomy storage.

I’ve had two and been forced by circumstances beyond my control to sell them.

Now I’ve got one back and am loving it!

When the Cheeky Seat seat cover is installed I will post more photos.

Meanwhile, ride on friends and stay safe on the roads…

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! May your lives be filled with joy, peace, and the promise of new beginnings!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Tale of Two Scooters

My love of little 49cc scooters puts me in a rider’s quandary.

At some point in my scooting life I will always be in need of more power. More speed to navigate traffic, more power to pull up hills, more comfort to ride long distances.


This realization pretty much sums up my version of scooter angst over the years. There is nothing that I can do to alleviate this existential frustration other than own more than one scooter, if one of them is going to be a 49cc.

And oh how I love the little scoots, the 49ccs. At this point in my dotage I have come to accept that one must be in my scooter cave.

If it is the only one, then I will have to rig up a way to transport the scooter out into the rural areas for expanded riding options. A utility trailer, a versa haul, a small pick-up truck as a second vehicle. Something.

I started out on a 49cc Ruckus and riding one puts a big ol’ grin on my face every single time. 40 miles per hour feels like 80. They zip around like a jack rabbit on speed and it has to be the closest thing to the sensation of flying.

49cc scooters are small enough to park at the bike rack up at the grocery or on the sidewalk at the mall. They can be stored easily, moved around easily, and I sit flat-footed on them with ease.

They are cheap to insure and easy to love.

Now here are the downsides to owning only a 49cc scooter, in my experience…

I live in a semi-rural area. This means I am doing a bit of errand riding to the grocery, library, post office, book stores, local parks, and the mall. All within a few miles of me at no more than 35 mph. Perfect for a little scooter that goes up to 43mph on a flat route with an encouraging wind at my backside.

But this daily use of the scooter is only a part of how I want to ride. The thing I love the most is to get out on those back roads east of my location. Rolling rural enclaves of farmland stretching out to the Ohio River and on to the foothills of the Appalachians.

Miles and miles of quiet, scenic beauty where I find my “scooter nirvana”. I have gone out there on my 49cc scooter, but it has been a day’s journey out and back. I have had to ride on the side of the road most of the time to allow cars to pass and ensure my own safety. It is fun to do this once in a while, but for more frequent excursions it becomes a chore.

There was a time when I lived out there and doing those rides was an easy, daily occurrence. Now, from the burbs, it is a project. One that I take on because I love it, but it takes up a lot of time and happens much less often than I’d like.

Here’s another downside that I experience from owning only a 49cc scooter: I cannot go to local scooter club events as I am too damn far away and even if I could get there I cannot keep up with the group rides.

And I am tired of scooting alone all the time.

Sure I could “haul in” the scooter on a versa haul or utility trailer to the scooter rallies. And I may am plan to have one of those options available to me within the next year. Mainly because I would like to haul my scooter on vacation or take it to way far off areas to ride in events or on fascinating routes.

But then again, unless these rides are “49cc friendly” (and some are, but most are not) I am still going to be the “cow’s tail”.

Sorry, Bossy.

We’ve got two more or less local scooter clubs and I have never been able to go to any of their events. Even the few other riders in my area ride Burgman’s or PCXs or whatnot. I have had opportunities to hook up with some riding companions, but I am automatically “out of their league” in terms of keeping up. Most people are accommodating, but who wants to putz along at 35mph for hours on end? (Except for riders like me, who love to do that.)

And then it comes down to this. Some days I would like to just get on my scooter and ride way out in the country. I mean “way out”. Down along the river, over 3 or 4 counties to the foothills, up to the antique shops north of me, into town for lunch with scoot club folk, and so forth.

A bigger scooter in my garage would allow me to do that.

So basically this need for 2 scooters is a functional thing.

My goal at this point is to own another Ruckus and then to find a second scooter that I can do all of the above.

For me, on my budget, and based on local availability, this might take awhile. I am not sure if, or when, I would accomplish this goal.

I am not sure which scooter I will obtain first, little or big.

I will start a little “scooter fund” once my retirement money starts coming in later this month. I will watch to see what pops up used locally and get some figures on prices for new models.

I might consider a used scooter if it is a later model and ridden frequently. No more scooters that sat for years and years.

There are only a few shops here in the area that carry used and new scooters. I am known in all of them.

I lean toward Honda, Yamaha, Genuine, Kymco, and Suzuki products because of the warranty and availability of competent service if something goes wrong.

I also want to consult with U-Haul about what it would take to put the brake light kit on my SUV so that I could rent a utility trailer. This would increase my range of options for shopping scooters out of town.

In the meantime I am going to do a few other things that I have been wanting to do while I am saving and researching for another scooter. I don’t know how long it will be until I get another one and I need to have the cash on hand and to find the right one.

I am in no hurry.

During my “scooter hiatus” am going to get back into my first love, bicycling. So I will begin to blog about those experiences from time to time.

I am excited about this time, this pause from the “same ol’, same ol’”.

I feel like I am embarking on a new leg of my life’s journey, one that expands out from just riding a scooter to the grocery or out to see the cows and donkeys once a week.

Interestingly, this morning I got an email from the guy who bought Breezy. He tore her down and rebuilt her carburetor. He said she runs “like a top” and he loves her! I felt a twinge of sadness, yet happiness that she is where she is loved.

Two scoots, a lofty goal, but a viable one if the little 49cc scooters have grabbed the heartstrings.

And I really, really, really want one more Ruckus before I age out of scooting.

This blog isn’t called, “Ruckus Scooter Love” for nothing….

Safe riding, friends…