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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drool time....Honda's PCX scooter

I can't lie to you...I have been obcessed with this scooter since the first time I laid eyes on it last year!

Especially the Pearl White one. Uhmm...NUMMY!

I've had pics of this scoot on my desktop since last year. And then I went to my local Honda dealer and saw one in person. I sat on it. It felt "right". Why? Well, it seemed to "fit" me.

You see the Ruckus fits me as well. What I mean by that is that I am a 29 inch inseam, shorter arms, 5'4", and not able (or willing) to heft a heavy scooter. Especially a "top heavy" one.

This one presents with a low center of gravity (like the Ruckus), motorcycle style handlebars that curve back (similar to the Ruckus), a low, comfy seat (for two, no less!), and a windshield that I can see over easily. This I know just from sitting on it. Yep!

It also has other amenities that I desire: large underseat storage where I can lock up my helmet or groceries; more wind protection for body and legs; a side "floor board" type footrest that, though not a true floorboard, it offers multiple foot positions for long rides; a center stand and kick start lever (must have); and large motorcycle-like 14 inch wheels. is the hottest looking scooter that my eyes have ever seen!

It's sort of like a mini-Reflex, but not as cumbersome to handle. It can also reach up to 60mph, plenty of oomph for maneuvering among traffic.

I may have a chance to test ride one at the local Honda dealer very soon. In fact, maybe on Friday. If so, I will do a ride report!

Next to the Big Ruckus, this is one "dream scooter" for me and one I am definitely considering saving up for.

Big Ruckus, you have some major competition in my scooter-obcessed heart!


  1. Deb:

    you know how it goes. First it starts with a look. Then you go and have a look. Next thing you know, you go to a dealer on a Friday to do a test ride.

    . . . then next week you bring it back for its 300 mile initial service.

    happy scooting

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. That's funny! Actually, I WAS going to try to test ride one tomorrow! :=)