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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye 49cc...Hello "More Power"!

My little red Ruckus is on it's way to a new home today and I have money to put on my new future scoot, which will be the 2010 Black Honda Elite 110!

With all the emotion of saying good-bye to my Ruckus, there was the stronger desire to get a scooter that I could do longer rides on and finally really GO SOMEWHERE!

I did not cry or feel anything really except that the aggravation of fielding text messages, phone calls, and emails from Craigslist and Ebay is finally over!

Still, I'm gonna miss her...

I have chosen my future steed and it will be the Black Honda Elite 110. This after riding a Honda PCX, Yamaha Vino 125, Yamaha Zuma 125, Kymco People 150, and Genuine Buddy.

The Elite wins it "hands down" in almost all aspects: practical; comfortable; it "fits" me ergonomically; sporty-looking; low center of gravity; lightweight mid-size scoot; peppy ride; maneuverable; fast enough for me for now(up to 53mph); economical (100mpg+); roomy for hauling anything; a floorboard; OEM accessories (windshield, topcase; nearby dealer support; FUN; and it's a Honda!

With this Ruckus sale I should have my Elite in about another 2-3 weeks, if not sooner. Meanwhile I am "scooter-less", a state of being that feels weird, but I can live with it. Though it is really, really hard!

Then comes that sweet 50 mile ride home on the Elite...


  1. Woooo!!!!!!! Awesome! Can hardly wait to see pics of your new baby!

  2. Deb:

    I'm still trying to figure out "HOW" you are going to travel the 50 miles to your Honda dealer to pick up your new scooter. If you walk at 5 MPH, it will take you 10 hours, not counting rest and meal stops

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    1. Well, my SO or a friend will take me to the dealership in a car (gasp!) and I will ride the scooter home over a distance of 50ish miles. Beautiful ride along the Ohio River.

  3. I've been scooter-less a few times. Not due to not having the machine, but due to mechanical issues.

    The Elite is a nice scoot. had it been around when I got my Kymco, I might have one of those instead.

    1. Thank you! I think I will love it. The Kymcos are very nice sccot too. I was very attracted to the People 150 but it felt a bit too tall for me.