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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scooterless for another glad it's rainy and cold!

What a weird, empty feeling to go out to my garage and see the spot where Scootie used to sit. *Sigh*

But it had to be. Living on a budget, I had to sell the Ruckus to gather up the money for the Elite 110. Maybe some day when things are better I will have another Ruckus alongside the Elite and maybe even a motorcycle to round out the stable.

One can dream, ya know? I love them all!

I figure within the next month I will be able to go and buy out the Elite and ride her home to her new life. A life of adventure, fun, and many happy miles and smiles together!

I can hardly stand the wait!

In the meantime I am planning a few things out. I purchased the red Cortech saddlebags on Ebay this week. These will go with the tail bag that I already have and with this set-up I will have tons of hauling room on the Elite without having to purchase a top case at this point.

With the huge underseat locking space and glove box I can lock up my helmet and valuables and do basic errands to the grocery and library.

Add the saddle bags and I am good for a big grocery run or a day tour or over-nighter. Add a top case and I am good for touring with plenty of room for a small tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and camping gear.

In a month or so I will order a side kickstand on-line for the Elite. Around early fall I will add the windshield purchase from Honda. Other than that, the scoot is set to travel.

I am also adding an armored 3 season riding jacket and pants and a 3/4 helmet with visor in the near future. I get a discount at the Honda dealership and I've already spotted some I might be interested in purchasing.

But first things first and that is getting the scooter out of "Honda Jail"!

Meanwhile, I am so glad it has turned cold and rainy.

Horrible scooting weather this week, else I would be bouncing off the walls about now!


  1. Awesome! Hard to wait for things to get out of scooter jail!!! Loving the cortech bags, going to look at the tail bag for my bike. Please look at the TourMaster (Cortech) Flex series pants, they are truly 3 season and I love mine. Wear them with the quilted liner in the winter, zip it out in warmer weather and you can zip the cordura nylon portion of the legs off down to mesh for summer/warm weather riding and they are awesome! I bought the TourMaster Transition 2 ladies jacket and love it.

    I am still envisioning a Shadow in your garage. *grins :)

  2. You ought to check out these bags. So easy "on and off" or just the tailpack when you need them. i am seeing them on Ebay as "close out" so don't know if this model is being phased out or not. I got mine for a ridiculously low price on Ebay.

    I will check out those pants and jacket. I am hoping to find some to actually try on around here at a motorcycle shop. Those pants sound particularly nifty!

    Yea, someday I think my "bigger wheels" will be a used motorcyle. So much more power, bigger wheels, different experience in addition to the scooter crowd. Maxi-scoots just don't do it for me, EXCEPT the Big Ruckus. That one I would go for if the opportunity avails itself!

  3. I wish I had money to get them bags. The color and style will fit perfectly on my scooter. Hey I'll trade you my top case for them lol!

    1. Check out Ebay. That's where I got mine NEW for half price.

      Maybe sell your topcase there for moolah?

      Just an idea...