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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Changes Are A Comin'...

After all, it is Easter, a time for "new beginnings", and so it will be with me in my scooting life and on this scooting blog!

I "tidied up" this blog a bit and got rid of some posts and photos that took up too much space and were tedious to read.

I also changed some headings. As my scooting life changes I will no longer be "scooting the backroads on a 49cc Ruckus" exclusively.

I started out doing that, but I hope to be adding a bigger scooter to the stable in the next month or so. Fifty five plus miles an hour is going to allow me to more readily travel beyond the confines of my ridge community.

Because of this I hope to write and photograph more interesting stuff involving the local natural beauty, history, folk culture, and perhaps some reviews of local eatin' places!

I'd like to also blog about some group scooter rides as I am able to participate more in that experiences.

I will finally be able to GO SOMEWHERE without taking all day to do it, so I am hoping for all sorts of new experiences on my scooter.

It's gonna be COOL and I think I am ready to go to the next level with my scooter riding. I've been 5 years tooling around on just a little 49cc, perhaps missing a lot, though I've had a lot of fun on my Ruckus!


  1. Deb,

    So you settled on the Elite? Did you manage to ride the buddy? I think you will be very pleased with your increased range. Good on you for going 5 years on a 50cc! I only made it 8 months before I needed a change! So how come you ruled out the PCX? It is one dead sexy looking machine. I look forward to reading your further scoot adventures!

  2. Pretty much settled, though I am going to try to test ride a Buddy. I have room to change my mind so we'll see! Right now finding time to get into town to ride a Buddy is part of the problem. I am busy, busy with this new home-based position, which is great!

    I think I lasted this long on a smaller scoot because it fit so well with the lifestyle up here in the country. But I am now desiring change as I got tired of the limitations I described.

    I have more or less ruled out the PCX over the Elite if I go with a new scooter. Of the two, the Elite is more fun to ride, more practical, and goes almost just as fast. Cost is an issue, but if a used one came along I'd surely consider it.

    I tried to post on your blog and for some reason it would not let me. That Shadow fits you to a tee! And it IS the same one I had when I was 30 years old. It is a beautiful machine!

    I think I will always have a scooter, but adding a motorcycle as my second bike is something that I think about a lot. If I could "fit" on an older Shadow 500 I would definitely consider something like that!

    I think it opens doors to another world of riding and friendships closed to the "scooter crowd". Am I right?

    Stay safe!

    1. Deb:

      I used to ride bikes, but then I rode scooters. I wanted more range. I wanted to escape the city traffic and scooters were too slow. Here in the city a scooter would be great, easier to park and not having to change gears all the time. But now I have been spoiled with travelling on the open road. Touring the Western US, WA, Oregon, Idaho, things you just can't do with a scooter with limited speed and fuel capacity. To save expenses I downsized to one machine, so the scoot got deleted.

      IMHO: I think you should get the Buddy. More engine, more route options. If funds weren't the limiting factor I would opt for something around 200cc, or at least a 150

      Riding the Wet Coast // My Flickr

    2. Bob-
      Increasing my range IS what I am up to and I thank you for your thoughts! I too am wondering if the Elite is going to be enough for me to do just that.

      Out here a trip to the grocery is 8 miles and it is 30-50 miles to bigger towns. Much of the area is hilly and the interesting rides involve long distances.

      I too am second guessing the choice of the Elite for that kind of riding. But it's great for everyday "tooling around".

      So I am really thinking that I am going to wind up with two scoots but would love to stay to just one also.

      It sounds like I am undecided because I am!

      I hope to try a Buddy (125 and 150) and there area a few Kymco People 150s for sale within 200 miles. It is just finding the time to try these out.

    3. Deb:

      once you get used to the power of a slightly larger scoot, you probably won't use your Ruckus much. It would be different if you lived in an urban centre.

      It's the same as "DAR", she is probably going to sell it soon. I know the intention is to keep your prev scoot, but with funds tied up, and insurance/maintenance, it won't make sense especially if you find the power of the 49cc more limiting.

      Riding the Wet Coast // My Flickr

  3. Deb,

    Not sure why you can't post because you have a blogger blog. I have been having trouble as well. I usually just log out, re-log in and then retype the comment.

    Riding does open the door to a new world, but I am still pretty happy in my scooter roots and I think its silly that those who ride bikes have that weird attitude about scoots. It makes me shake my head actually.

    I am glad you are happy with your decision, the elite is a beaut! It is going to be so fun for you!

    Ride safe!

    1. I think sometimes my mobile broadband signal strength fizzes out and I cannot navigate some websites. Comes with living in the sticks!