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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Surprize...

I finally got down to the shop that carries Genuine and Kymco scooters. They had a Buddy 125, 150 Italia, 170i, and the Kymco People 150, among others.

The only one set up to test ride was the Buddy 170i and after being told that the ride between that one and the other Buddies was more or less identical, I took it for a spin.

Before I elaborate on that very short ride, I have to say that these scoots are affordable and "rook mah-va-lous". Beautiful colors, offer an awesome array of accessories, and come with a 2 year warranty plus roadside service. The Internationals were on sale for $2499, the Buddy 125 was $3195 out the door.

The shop staff were absolutely wonderful. They had a system where you could put down a deposit and they would hold it for an indefinite period of time or a financing plan. Heck, they even offered delivery options. What could be more nifty?

I looked for the mean looking matte black Psycho model and they told me there were none left. The Black Jack is also no longer in stock. I eyed a shiney black Buddy 125 and the luscious Italia 150 in mint green as alternatives.

So I sat on the scoots in the showroom and found that I liked the "lowered seat" of the Buddy 125 which they told me had a Psycho seat on it due to a customer swap out. It was "just right" and I was practically flat-footed.

But my only ride option was the 170i. The is the new Buddy, fuel-injected, and supposedly faster off the line and on the draw than the other two (150s no longer made). So he got it ready for me to ride.

It was ok, but it was just not my "cup of tea". I was not grinning like I did on the Elite test ride. So that was it. I got that out of my system so to speak and could now move on.

I have one more scooter I'd like to try (rode one briefly 3 years ago) and that is the Yamaha Zuma 125. There are new ones at a local dealer and if I can get a test ride I will go down there hopefully this next week, weather permitting.

So it is narrowing down to the Honda Elite 110 or the Yamaha Zuma 125. Should have it sorted out pretty soon!


  1. Wow deceiving isn't it, the marketing worked because it was the scooter your thought you wanted. I did like the psycho one though, the freaky eyeball suits my personality. Lol. I think the Zuma could be a winner too, because it is ver similar to the ruckus in looks and I live my little Yammy scooter. If I was going to buy another scooter it would be between a Honda and a Yamaha. They make great bikes, tried and tested. et me know how it goes with the zuma, it will be interesting to hear what you think & how they compare. Did you ever try a Yammy Vino 125, you might want to try one of those too.

  2. Deb:

    you've got to try the Vino125 while you are there. I used to have a Zuma49cc but they are a taller frame than the Vino125

    glad to see you getting closer . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  3. I echo Bob on trying trying out the Vino 125. I must say both the Zuma and the elite are really nice scooters. I'm intrigued by the Honda PCX 150, but I'm looking to go a bit bigger. I must say I do like the taller wheels like my Symba has. The People and the PCX both have the taller wheels.

    Happy hunting!
    Circle Blue