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Monday, September 3, 2012


Squirt is sick! No, really "ailing" sick. Something is wrong with her front fork and the guy from the little rural Honda Power Sports shop is supposed to stop by and look at her this week. Luckily she is still under warranty.

What is happening is that as soon as I sit on her, the front fork suspension "bottoms out". It is the weirdest thing. And no, I am not THAT heavy, so that's not it!

She just started doing this and I can think of nothing that has brought it on. I did not hit any cavernous pot holes or jump any ditches or gulleys.

Or not that I can remember!

I've got to get her up and running because in two weeks I will need to ride her 55 miles to the west into the burbs of the city to her new home.

Woe is me!!!


  1. I wonder if a fork seal blew? It shouldn't do that on a brand new scoot. I am sorry Miss Squirt is not well.

  2. I don't know. :=( I will mention that to him.

    Where I am moving there is a Honda Powersports store about 5 miles away.

    I am glad of that!

    It will be so much more convenient than having one 30 miles away in the country.

  3. I will be very interested in what you find out. I can't imagine that my Met didn't break something when I hit that pot hole, but all is OK so far. I'm always thinking about it, tho.

    Your mechanic is going to "stop by". Mine doesn't give me the time of day. That's it. I'm getting the baseball bat. Back later...

  4. If you stand over your scooter and lean in on the handlebars, does it squish down in the front all the way? I'd like to know if this is normal on a Met.

    I doubt he shows up. And I have to be out of here in 2 weeks so I may have to ride it down there anyway and have it looked at by the Honda dealer down there.

    No motorcycle or scooter shops near you? That's not good unless you do your own repairs. I would love to take a wrenching class for scooters somehow. I hate to be dependent in any way on others re my scooter.

  5. Yes, my scooter "squishes" down. Those are the springs, rear is a shock.

    I have a mechanic, a shop I go to intown, but they are not the most accommodating or helpful, but it's the only place in the county. Well, the only one I can ride to. I can't haul my scooter anywhere. Yes, a truck would be nice sometimes. Often.

    I'd rather have someone work on my scooter. Experience counts and I like the peace of mind. But I don't like being treated poorly.

    1. No, me neither. I do change my own oil, though.

      Now I am wondering if there really is anything wrong with mine if yours squished down too. I had no idea what the set-up was on these things.

      I think I am going to stop by the dealer and see if the other 09 Met they have also "squishes down". If it does, I'm not going to worry about it any more.

      It rides fine, doesn't pogo going down the road. If it gets worse in my new location then a bigger Honda store is not far from where I'll be living.

      Thanks for the feed back!

  6. Oh, another thing...the first time my scooter "bottomed out" was when I carried two bags of wet top soil on the floor board. Then I noticed it. But I'm like 95 pounds, so I don't make the thing drop like that myself. The soil AND my weight made it drop, but it's fine.

    1. Hmmm. At the grocery the day it first happened my front wheel was a tad lower than my rear one as it was angled that way on the pavement.

      Then I added my grocery load on the back and got on.

      Maybe the same thing happened to mine for the same reason-loading it up and then angling the nose downward! Ya think?

  7. Hope the Honda guy gets Squirt fixed up quick for you. Maybe it is something simple and like you said, at least it is under warranty.

  8. I would not worry, but it's a good idea to go to the dealership and jump on a few Mets and see what happens!

  9. Deb:

    Hope you get Squirt "fixed". As prev mentioned, it is probably a failed seal, fluid could have leaked out leaving "no shock action". Good thing it is under warranty

    Here is the alarm I have. It is set off my motion

    good luck on your move

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  10. I agree with Martha, get thee to a dealer and jump on a few Mets. It could be major, or it could be something that happens and had gone unnoticed until it happened in a radical way. Now that you are aware of it, perhaps you're noticing it when it doesn't happen so radically, but now it feels radical. Wow, that is really poorly written, but hopefully it makes some sense. Good luck and I hope the scooter guy shows his face.

  11. I rode it on a 20 miler the other day and it seems fine. I think it was because I was loading groceries on it and it sat on uneven pavement with the front wheel below the rear and so all weight went forward.

    I have not noticed anything more and so cancelled the visit by the mechanic.

    Besides, where I am going there is a Honda Power Sports dealer a few miles away. They also carry Yamaha. I have oggled a Zuma 125 there recently...

  12. It's really nice to heared that you repair your scooter by your ownself. I wish that i can also. I'm thinking to buy basic tool kit so that i can repair a little my scooter myself like changing oil.