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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving Update: Draggin' My...

...cup of java around this morning in the almost empty house in the country!

We're at that point in the move where we're are still sleeping here and our clothes, shoes, and kitchen stuff are down in the apartment 50 miles away. We are using plastic forks and knives from Mickey D and plastic picnic plates.

We're also eating only take-out, which around here means Subway foot longs and McDonald's breakfasts. There's pop and snacks around if you can dig through the clutter and find them. Usually I am too tired to care!

But, hey, it's a bunch of FUN!

Still got our TVs and beds and dog children all out here and we can still take a shower out here so it's all good!

And about "scaling down" to move? Wow! We are really having to scale down and purge our stuff, but we are finding it to be liberating and really a plus.

Maybe by this weekend we will have our dogs, beds, bathroom shower curtain, TVs, and such down there for sleeping. That is the plan.

My scooter is still out here and I am going to scoot down one day and take it to a friend's garage half way the distance until we can get it down the other way. I have to coordinate rides on both legs of the journey.

Lots to move out still, but it is past the "rough stuff" of clearing and cleaning out.

At some point brawny nephews will move our big furniture items down for us.

Got no photos to share about all this, sorry.

The little creature above pretty much sums up how I feel right now....



  1. Not that I had forgotten what it was like...but your comments here hit gut level reminding me what's in my future. Yes, I'd rather have camp stools and a mattress pad sometimes and a box or two of books and plates, but if you are going to live a life you have to have a few things about. And I don't travel the countryside with the seasons picking fruit so I have to have a home. And I go stir in an apt. so I have to have a house.

    I've gotten down to where the only thing I can't handle on my own is my large leather sofa.

    Eat well. Avoid that emotional eating cycle of fats and sweets- killer crash. You have my best wishes!

  2. Only piece of furniture that I care about is two old recliners. One is 24 years old and the other is my "nest". Can't move either one of them alone.

    Now we've learned that the nephews will be coming down to help us with some big pieces of furniture tomorrow.


  3. I am glad you are making progress even if that does mean you have to live on take out. I think that is a pre-requisite for moving. For us it was always pizza. Luckily we haven't moved in six years. Mind you now if we moved we'd live on Cliff Bars and fruit I'm sure.

    Good luck in the moving process and thanks for keeping us updated.