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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As of last Saturday night, we are finally sleeping in the apartment! Hurray! I made two trips out to the almost empty farm house these past two days and we have one more trip to make on Saturday. Then on Sunday I plan to ride my scooter across two counties to this location. About 50 miles.

It is quite an adjustment to go from a house to a 1.5-ish bedroom apartment. The biggest issue is that our kitchen has very little cabinet space. We are having to get really creative in order to set it up for even light snacks and meals.

But we will figure it out.

Otherwise, it is so nice to be so close to everything and to see people on a daily basis.

Here where we live there are lots of dogs. We have 4 plus my Walker hound who is terminally ill with cancer. We are hoping to see him gently over to the end when it comes. I can't say that managing this many dogs in an apartment is easy. It's not.

But we are getting lots of walking in that we never got to do in the country setting where we lived. I think I will lose weight here quickly and get even more fit than I was when I lived here before.

Am I happier? Mostly.

I am in that strange psychological middle place where I am no longer part of my old life yet not part of any life here. I went from "burb girl" to "country girl" and now back to "burb girl".

I know I have changed since I lived here 6 years ago. I became a "country woman" out in the wilds of that county. As to whether, or how, (or who) I will become I do not yet know. I've had a few tearful, reflective moments wondering if I will ever get over this transition.

Here there is noise, exhaust fumes, constant traffic versus total silence, fresh air, and virtually no cars.

Sometimes out there I would hear the clomping of horse hooves on the pavement from the passing Amish buggies. I always enjoyed that throw back experience to a simpler time.

I loved looking at the stars in a clear night sky as well. Here the suburban lights obliterate any viewing of even one star.

As for scooting here, that I do not know either. I have seen no scooters at all and very few motorcycles. This immediate area is heavy traffic congestion, 24/7.

On the Met I will be forced to ride on the side of the road like a bike most of the time or get creamed. It certainly won't be a relaxing experience in the least. My alternative is to go to a larger scooter or motorcycle and ride in traffic.

Neither option appeals to me right now.

I see pictures of the places I used to ride and I feel a sad longing, like leaving an old friend that I will never see again.

I am in a "letting go" place right now.


  1. You know exactly what's going on- "I'm in a letting go place right now".

    It's that leaving/going-to journey. I promised myself I would never run away anymore, but go to. Never run from where you are, always go to someplace. That way you are on a more positive journey and have something to look forward to.

    I would feel most of what you are feeling and more if I went back to a town/city apt. If the scooter riding is a big hurt, then just let that go. When I move I won't even try to ride until I get comfortable with the way people drive and the rhythm of the area. You can't ride in fear.

    If you can rent storage space then maybe that's where your scooter will have to sleep for a while. As it is it is staring at you- reminding you of that other life that still has a hold. If riding is a place of anxiety in your mind, let it go, get the scooter out of your sight for a while. Moving is tough enough without feeling you HAVE to do something that you just don't feel right about doing.

  2. Deb:

    there is nothing much I can add to the eloquent thoughts above from Martha. She has a better way with words than me.

    our last move was traumatic and caused severe anxiety. It is our plan to never move again.

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  3. It sounds as though you are adjusting even though it is hard. You are probably better than most considering it wasn't an expected move.

    The kitchen and cooking will sort itself out in time and as for scootering I think martha said it well. When you are comfortable in your environment and get the flow of things down you might be inclined to go for a quick putt and see how it goes.

  4. I add my voice to the chorus. You know exactly what's going on. Time will be your friend. Good luck.

  5. Deb

    It is always hard stepping into the 'unknown' , but giving it time you will adjust and find your feet. I have only ever known scooting or motorcycling in city traffic. At first it literally scared the heck out of me, but you do get used to it and it does get easier. I do prefer my bike because it gives me a bigger profile in traffic, you may want to consider a larger cc scooter or 250cc bike. A Honda Rebel would be a great starter because they are low centered & a great little bike or even a V-star 250. The Honda PCX 150 scoot would be good too. But my best advice is give it time and you will find a way to be comfortable on the road again.