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Friday, October 23, 2015

Lost in the Autumn Woods

Yesterday was a gorgeous autumn day with filtered sunshine and the scent of falling leaves on the air.

It was a day that I chose to scoot out and get "lost" in the autumn woods on my little Yamaha C3.

I just wanted to go out into the back roads and ride alongside creeks and ponds and find a few hidden spots away from all the stresses of the past weeks.

So Hoot and I cruised with no particular destination, i.e.,"lost".

About the only thing I had in mind, besides cleaning out my mental cobwebs, was to try to find some beautiful autumn scenes and photograph them.

I got a few, but got hung up on watching the sunlight change over this one particular pond along Olive Branch Road.

I stayed at this spot for awhile and then returned to it later as the light changed and the surface of the pond became as smooth as glass.

Here are my photos captured at this little pond. I think the last one is the best:

There are multiple little streams and creeks that flow down to the East Fork of the Little Miami River. Here is Hoot parked alongside one and a few shots from the bridge.

I love to stop, hit the kill switch, and listen to the water bubble over the rocks. Today the water level was really low, but still offered a peaceful experience:

The lighting is not perfect, but it's just a Canon PowerShot A480 pocket camera.

Rustic wood hangs on old barns alongside the road home:

The scoot alongside an old brick chapel in the Olive Branch cemetery:

There were many instances where I scooted along curves while the sunlight caught cascading yellow, orange, and red leaves drifting down from the canopy.

Such beauty, along with the smell of the deep woods and steams was overwhelming.

Our colors are peak right now, so I am hoping to go again soon.


  1. Those are some nice fall color pictures! We're way past our peak colors and the trees are almost bare. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Great photos! That little Canon has exceptional ability. And I share your affection for "getting lost" on two wheels. Some of my fondest experiences have come from doing that.

  3. What a perfect day to toodle through the woods.

    I agree with you, I liked that last shot of the trees and pond best.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pics! You are right the last one is spectacular. I am yearning to get out on the bike, but I have been so busy and the weather has been nothing but heavy rain and it is not motivating me at all to ride in it. We are supposed to have a warm wet winter here, so I am trying to decide whether I will renew my insurance or not. Love your little C3.

  5. Ahhh! My favorite season of the year and your pictures of it, Deb, make it all the more glorious. Very nicely done!

    - Joe at Scootin' da Valley