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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn Recollections

October is here and the leaves in our area are just beginning to turn. The air is crisp, the sun brilliant, and the scooter rides a bit chilly, but delightful this time of year. I hope to ride through Thanksgiving weekend and then she goes to the scooter lair for a winter nap. *Sigh*

A little update for those who keep in touch...we did not move to the country, YET! We did have a house lined up to rent, but it didn't work out the way we hoped. So we are still in the "cottage by the mall" and I am content for now. Que sera...

I am no longer delivering flowers due to a scant amount of orders and an old car that barely runs. I am hoping for some Thanksgiving and Christmas flower gigging if the business picks up. I really miss it. I've always enjoyed the holiday delivery craze.

In the meantime I have a part-time job literally less than a mile from home, so I am scooting and walking over there. My scooter has become my main form of transportation and the car just sits. Every once in a while I drive it to keep the battery charged up.

I've been taking rides out into the country roads whenever I can. I did one yesterday, but the camera stayed in the pouch.

So here are some of my favorite "autumn recollections", favorite photos of rides past, all in Adams, Brown, and Clermont Counties:

Happy Autumn to you and yours! Ride safely...


  1. Very Fine photos Deb, I just don't remember ever seeing pumpkins displayed in some of these ways before; looks as though our area could use some of that OH inspiration.

    Good luck with your hunt for rural, I know what a priority it is for some of us!

    1. Yes, aren't they creative? That was from a festival held on our road each year. They really go all out.

      Amazingly, I still "live" rural here. I scoot out onto the back roads about a mile from my place and I rarely venture anywhere into the main part of town.

      I like the little villages on the outskirts of the burbs a lot and they make for great scooting destinations to explore old cemeteries or eat a burger out or just sit along a river bank or lakeside.

      If I keep going about an hour east I am back in my beloved Adams County.

      So for now I am content to perch here and work a nice job close by and maybe more. Out there jobs are scarce to none, so it's a necessity. It's a happy compromise for now.

  2. I used to ride nearly every day as well. That's when I was in love with riding, now I'm lucky if I take the machine out once or twice a week. Good luck to you!

    1. Oh I bet you are still "in love with riding", but if you're like me the intensity comes and goes in waves depending on mood and energy level and how busy we are with other stuff.

      I scoot over to the grocery (where I now work) more than anything and occasionally do a short run out into the countryside or through a neighborhood.

      You've got a lot going now, as I've read in your blog, so at some point you will "saddle up" and get in a nice "knees in the breeze" ride to clear the cobwebs and revitalize your soul. I just know you will!

      Meanwhile, the scoot awaits and that in itself is a comfort to me. It is there if/when I want to hop on and go!

      Hope everything goes well for your wife...keep us posted and take it easy when you can!

  3. Deb - there is just something about an orange pumpkin and even more so when there are piles of orange pumpkins that says fall. Don't you just love it. I live in the country but my (nearby) city dresses up real nice for autumn.

  4. Deb you always take beautiful photos! I was out for a ride on Friday and it was really warm, so warm in fact that I could have worn my summer gear, but the I ended up returning home in the early evening and was glad I had my heavy jacket.

  5. That was a lot of pumpkins. Must take work to display them just so.

    I am glad you are getting out for some rides. Take advantage of it while the weather is still cooperating.

    Hopefully soon you'll find another little house in the country, until then, keep on keeping on.

  6. You really captured the spirit of autumn. Lovely pics.