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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Kindred Soul I Never Met - Farewell, Bobskoot

I learned of Bobskoot's passing just a bit ago when checking in to see if he had posted. I sit here in deep sadness and disbelief. It is inexpressible.

I'd been worrying that I had not seen a post since August 30th. I began to wonder if something had happened to him or Yvonne.

They were traveling near where I live in Ohio and near where I am from, in Kentucky.

He had emailed me back in the winter to tell me that they were going to be traveling this way in August and could we hook up for lunch over in Indiana at the Belterra Resort. I was so looking forward to meeting them and so when the trip to the US began, I followed their travels with eagerness and interest, awaiting a contact to set a day to meet.

When they traveled down this direction from Pennsylvania they stopped at the Kentucky Horse Park and the Speedway, which is about an hour away. I expected to hear from him but next thing I read they are in Louisville and then south central Kentucky at Bowling Green and then the caverns. All places I know and could see them enjoying.

I did not get to meet him, as many of you did, but I felt like I knew him as a friend. He was quick to share a kind word or comment on my blog and of course I read his blog and his comments on other moto friends' postings.

When I'd wear my Crocs I'd think of his crazy pink ones and all his "barefoot" photos. I'd see a V-Strom or a BMW motorcycle and I'd remember following his cross country trip last year. So glad he got to do that.

Tonight I sit here in sad disbelief that this sweet, kind, loving, creative soul is gone from our blogging midst and from his loving wife and family.

I feel such overwhelming sadness for them and I wish I knew how to express my support and sympathy. If anyone knows their address in Canada I would love an email message with it, please.

I feel connected to all of you out there that knew and loved Bob and I envy those of you who got to meet him. It's crazy, but I felt that I knew him too and I just cannot grasp that this has happened.

And Dar, I will wear pink Crocs if I can find them anywhere within a 3 state radius!

Let's all wear them, if we can, in memory of our dear friend.

Rest in peace, Bob. We all love you and will miss you more than words can say.


  1. Deb - I know the feeling you speak of that it felt you knew him. The first time I met Bob was briefly at a scooter rally and then at the Vancouver Motorcycle show and it felt as if we'd been friends for years. He was a humble, kind, and generous. He was always quick to smile and full of mischief. I was lucky enough to ride with him a couple of times and it was wonderful.

    I was looking for pink crocs today and was actually thinking along the same lines as you about asking everyone to post pics of their crocs to honour Bob.

    1. "Humble" and "full of mischief" is what I felt from him too. Just a sweet, kind, funny soul.

      And to think I almost got to meet him as they were so close by. For whatever reason it was not meant to happen. I keep thinking those thoughts.

  2. I understand that feeling of loss. I am experiencing it as well, and like you I never met the man.

    1. Just thinking, how many of us get to know our friends the way we knew Bob and others from these blogs.

      I feel like I knew him "for years" and really, I did.

      I wish we all had the comfort of each other's company right now. To sit around a table with coffee and talk of the man. I'm sure he'd be there too!

  3. Beautiful words Deb.

    Send me an email to and I'll email you their address in Vancouver.

  4. Somehow, he managed to connect us all - it was his special talent.