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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Zip = Lousy Trip

Around my neighborhood this afternoon on the scooter.

And I mean "quick".

No photos, nothing.

No time for THAT.

Just constant glances in the rear view mirrors, to the right, to the left.

The constant threat of cars everywhere!

Did I enjoy ANY scenery? No.

Did I relax, enjoy the ride? No.

Do I look forward to going out again tomorrow? Hell no.

What I DID feel is that I took my life in my hands today just to get in a 30 minute scooter ride.

I am so sad. I have lost the joy of scooter riding as I knew it.

I don't know what this means for my scooter riding future or if there even is one.

Right now I feel as if I've lost more than I've gained by moving here.

I lost my job, almost lost my dog, and now lost my scootering joy that got me through times like these.

Things are not going well...

And yes, I'll have some cheese with my whine...:=)


  1. Oh Deb,

    I am so sorry to hear that it's so stressful. Do you think it might just be getting accustomed to scooting in traffic? I found I just had to persevere and eventually I got used to it. I am hoping that it gets better or you! Hugs to you my friend.

    1. Thanks! It is not so much the riding in traffic as it is the consequence of living again in a car-infested environment with fumes, motor noise, and having to be hyper vigilant every second. I don't find that relaxing...duh!

      I think I am stressing over everything right now and that I will find peaceful places to ride eventually.

      I am also just "home sick" for my back roads right out my door...

  2. Oh, this is sad to read. But I think I will be echoing your feelings when (not IF, WHEN) I move. I fear this may be the last of my scootering- at least on this scooter at 40mph. I'll be in a very busy area, very small towns, but crammed with solid tourist traffic and SUVs and trucks and people distracted in every way. And if I live rural, I'll be on dangerous farm roads. With no shoulders. And I DON'T WANT to scooter for a long time after I get there.

    I so very much understand and I'm right there with you. But just let it go. You are not comfortable with your town yet. Just put the scooter away for the winter and work on everything else. It's punishment to do otherwise.

    Give yourself time- take it easy and make it easy on yourself. Find some walking trails or bike paths to ride on or walk on. Scooter time is nearly over for a lot of us. You are not alone!

    And that's my lecture for the day... ;^ )

    1. I don't plan to give up riding, really. I hope to get a few more rides in before winterizing it. I will just pick times of day when there is less traffic outside my door and figure out ways to get to some more peaceful residential or back road areas.

      I think what is going to happen to my riding is that I am going to upgrade to at least a 125cc scooter in the spring. Maybe even some a bit bigger that does not fall into the "maxi scoot" category.

      I'd love to ride with the local scooter club people here but with 49cc I could not begin to keep up with them.

      Also, I'd love to ride out into the countryside in a "timely" fashion and ride in the lane not on the side like a bicycle all the time. In this area that is not particularly safe.

      I am eyeing a Yamaha Zuma 125 or Kymco/Sym/Honda 125-250cc type scooter for the spring. These machines would give me the oomph for safety, led me ride in the lane, and get me out on club rides or day tours.

      I am going to just have to go that way in order to ride here and get safer and more practical.

      At least that is the way I see it right now.

  3. Deb:

    I just think that you are not used to the ways of a larger urban area and the way drivers, drive. And you have yet to discover the more relaxed slower routes. Do what Martha suggested, our season is rolling to a Halt soon so divert your attention to other things and settle into your new surroundings.

    You've had enough stress for the moment. Do what is enjoyable . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My YouTube

    1. Bob, you are so right! I am just going to "cool it" for now and start to plot my next phase of scooter (or motorcycle) riding for the coming spring!

      As I mentioned above, I think a bigger machine is in order now and I am excited about that prospect.

      I love my 49cc scoots, but they have their limitations...

      Thank you for your encouragement!

    2. Deb:

      I have a Vespa 250 cc. The scooter itself is about the size of a 50 cc. It's quiet and rider friendly. It's a scooter! Looks like a scooter and rides like a scooter. But it has plenty of power to keep up with traffic on any highway short of an interstate. Yes, I love the quiet rural roads best, but I can ride anywhere here in suburban Boston. I don't have to worry about traffic, because I can keep up with traffic. And every ride is enjoyable, with or without traffic.

      I'm not suggesting you upgrade to a 250 cc. But you might consider something a bit bigger than a 50 cc. I'll bet you'd be comfortable on a bigger scooter and you'd not have to worry about traffic.

      And by the way, I'm 70 years old and have been riding for only three years. I ride everywhere, every day, weather permitting. I've ridden up to northern Maine and out to Cape Cod for vacations, every mile a smile on the scooter.

      I've read your blog for a couple years, and enjoyed all of them. But your last blog broke my heart. Don't give up on scootering. You've got years and years of riding enjoyment ahead of you. Years and years.


    3. David-
      Thank you so much for your kind remarks and encouragement. I really appreciate it. And you are "right on" with your comments. I too believe that I will need to "upgrade" to a larger engine on a manageable platform. I will want to ride like you do as well-in town but out into the countryside as well.

      I've long thought it was coming to this in my scooting life, which I DO NOT intend to give up! I just had a moment of the blues over losses and changes, but hoping they will lift and I will see a whole bunch of new scooting opportunities on my horizon.

      Glad you enjoy reading this blog..that blows my mind that someone reads this and gets something out of it. Makes me feel good all over...

  4. Yikes. That is no good. I hope the scootering muse hits again and brings the joy back. How long would it take to scooter out of the city so you could enjoy a slow putt putt and look at scenery? Maybe that is an option to explore by car until your scooter weather comes back. A larger scoot is an option too like you said.

    Either way I hope you find joy.

    1. Thanks! It will come in time...I've just had too many drastic changes within a few weeks. Things will look up and I might get a little ride in here soon before the really cold weather sets in!

  5. I remember when I first started driving a car. I'd driven a tractor and a farm truck for years. I figured no problem. Hmmm, things happened much faster in the car. Took me a while to get my game on.

    I remember when I first moved to a real City from my rural roots. I didn't think I'd ever survive the traffic. Chicago expressways, Ouy vey! Took me more than a little while to get my game on.

    I remember when I first started riding a scooter. Everything seemed so fast and I was so exposed. Took me a while to get my game on.

    You certainly have had your share of change. If I was in your shoes I'd have trouble remembering to breathe, let alone worry about getting my game on. Oh well, often the only way through it is through it. I sure was hoping you'd have a move, some stress, and hardly miss a beat. Sounds like you are having an adventure instead.

    I'm loving my Kymco People 250S. I can go places I wasn't at all comfortable going on the Symba. It is bigger. It is a little heavier. It's not as easy to move around in the garage. Ah, for every solution there is a problem.

  6. "Game on"! I am up to the challenge for sure!

    I am already eyeing routes to explore and hoping to get a few more rides in around here before the snows.

    I think you're right, Keith, time will help me adjust and get my head in the right place.

    I do also believe I will "break in" my new attitude on this scooter and move up to something bigger in the spring...

    Thanks for your encouraging words! Glad you are loving your Kymco scooter. Your jump up to that size scoot is inspiring to me personally as well...