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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 Grumpkins Sittin' on a Bench

Here we are, the "3 Grumpkins", sitting on the bench just watching the leaves blow and feeling the ice crystals dancing on the breezes that swirl around our yard.

UGH! :=(

Why are we grumpy? Because it seems that scooting weather is coming to a close for the season and Squirt is now in the storage unit preparing for her winter nap.

Oh, my! What will we do with ourselves? We are really gonna miss her!

But we've got a gig on Halloween night, doncha know...

We're going to sit out here on this bench and frighten away the ghosties and goblins and winter ghouls so that the little children can go around the apartments and get candy and popcorn and all sorts of goodies in their sacks.

Pretty good work for a bunch of dried up ol' Punkin Heads, eh?

HEY YOU! Yeah, we're talkin' to you: BOO!!!

And have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ya hear?


  1. Same to you! And keep your hat on!

  2. Cute pumpkins, er I mean scary ooooh.

    Bummer your riding season has come to an end, just as you found some backroads. Hopefully the winter will pass quickly.

    1. I'll go over weekly and start her up and let her run for 10 minutes to keep her revved up. I'll ride a few loops around the storage property if it's not really cold.

      If the sun peeps out and it's tolerable I'll get in a little ride too. Over to the mall for hot chocolate or something! LOL

  3. Deb:

    Those grumpkins do look sad . Have fun on Halloween scaring all those little goblins

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  4. Tis a good season to be grumpy...and a little goofy. First you make me frown over the news of Squirt's exile...but, then came the smile as you described your Halloween gig.

    1. Squirt is just "nesting" over in the storage unit. She will come out and play from time to time...:=)

  5. My ride never "goes away" always in the garage just in case :). Rode yesterday and although it was cool (high 40's and not as sunny as predicted) I was sure glad to be out. My daughter on the other hand may have learned some things about dressing for the ride!