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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Running From and To...

With the impending move, I find myself running.

Not the sneaker, water bottle, fitness type of running.

Running from the coming winter weather which will soon be upon us.

Running from coming gusts of cold, rain, swirling leaves, frosty mornings.

Running toward Autumn.

Running to get things sorted out, packed, and ready for the move toward the west, at the edge of the City.

Running to find a new home. Looking at apartments, viewing houses, talking to real estate agents and rental agents.

Running to get it settled and in place before the cold, rainy weather comes slithering in by mid-October.

Running toward many little goals that are part of this whole moving process.

Goals which involve finding decent homes for two of our rescue dogs. A heart breaking and difficult goal.

Goals of cleaning out, packing, and whittling down to the essence of what we need and want to carry to our new household.

Running to get rid of George Carlin's "stuff".

Running to set up yard sales, Good Will donations, bags for the county dump.

Running from, running to, running toward.

Running toward a new life that will bring with it opportunities for renewed life, joy, inner peace, and opportunity.

Running to the next phase of our life while running from some of the catastrophic sadness of the past phase of our life.

Running, moving, striding, galloping toward sweet, delicious change!


  1. That is a lot of 'running'. I am sure thing will work out for you. The running to and fro is the hardest part. Well except for finding homes for the rescue dogs, that can't be an easy decision and my heart goes out to you on that.

    1. Not easy, but not for sure either. If we buy we can keep them. If we rent, might have to adopt one out. The other is a senior big dog (Tree Walker) and it would break his heart to be adopted out. I might have to shrink him down and keep him in my pocket...

  2. I hear you on all of that. Emotional eating yet? I succumbed to chocolate cake and coffee for days the last time I moved. While it sounds good, I don't recommend it. When you crash, it's not pretty.

    I've had lots of showings and all good remarks, but in the end the house is too small. It really isn't, but most people want to "downsize" with everything the way they used to have it. Doesn't work that way...

    Eat well (not cake), sleep well. I wish I could help you with the rescue dogs- what breed?

    Check Orin's site today.

    1. I am a regular coffee drinker and consume chocolate on weekends. Moderation in all things...So no "crashing" here! LOL

      I once ate a box of Hostess Ding Dongs under severe duress, I gotta confess. After that my mind was a mess...

      My dogs are a Shit Tzu and a Tree Walker Coon Hound. Both found on our road 5 years ago. The hound kept looking in my front window until he eventually was invited in from the January cold. The little one was rolling in the middle of the road in the sunshine on a September morning.

      It's not for sure if both, either, or neither is going. Depends on whether we buy or rent and where.

      A lot of things are still "up in the air".

  3. All this running you are doing is making me tired! I have been thinking about the impending winter & cold rainy commute season on the bike & really not looking forward to it. Hope you find a place that is perfect!

    1. Thanks! Me too! I am ready to get back toward "civilization" as they say. It would be nice to get some new riding in toward that way but Old Man Winter may put the lid on that!

  4. All beginnings are difficult...partly because they include endings. Waiting and sending you support until what you are running to arrives.

    1. So true. Hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Thanks for your support!

  5. That hound will be hard to place in a good home. I wonder if he was cast out because he wasn't a good hunter. I'm sure you know about what "some hunters" do to dogs that "won't hunt".

    I wish I could help with that, but I don't have any rescue contacts for those breeds, although the Shi Tzu should be fairly easy to place, if not too old. But heartbreaking. Simply heartbreaking.

  6. Probably right. And yes, I've seen the horrors and I will do what I have to to keep him safe. Even if it comes to boarding him with a foster family and keeping him that way.

    He is really a lover and a pet and not a "hunter" at all though he loves to "chase after bunnies" but doesn't do anything with them when he catches up with them. Thank goodness!

    I've got so many calls on the little one that I will be spending a few days going through them and interviewing people.