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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Martha's Challenge: Photos of "The Ride that Refreshes"

Taking on Martha's Challenge (Living Among Tourists), I offer a photographic ride along my route that I earlier referred to as "the ride that refreshes".

Since I don't commute to work, as I work out of my home, this is a regular "fun" 16 mile round trip ride right out my door.

Hold on, here we go...!

Turn right out my gravel drive and head out down this road...

Take another turn and meander along by the Amish school house...

Turn down the road to the antique shop which used to be an art gallery...

Pass the silos and grain bins on the left...

Come to the Fabric Shop and Bird Shop (holds an annual Bird Symposium)...

Stop at the Presbyterian church (on my way to the post office)...

Pass the Unity Cemetary on the right...

The long open stretch through the fields...

Say hello to friends as you pass by...

Approaching the covered bridge...

Ahhh..the light at the end of the tunnel!

Hit the post office and return to the hidden creek bed down a leafy ravine

Standing on the bridge, look to your left...

Look to your right...

A few miles back up the hill, head back through the bridge...

Pass Ryan's Grocery (Now closed as Mr Ryan passed a few years ago)...

And back down the road to home...


  1. Sweeeeeet! What a ride! And your new scooter looks pretty sharp, I have to say. Love the box strapped to the back. Shows that you are on to business, not just a gal out for a joy ride! Scootering can be very utilitarian! Out of my way!

    Really lovely landscape. Reminds me of my Illinois roots and like here in WI, too. And I just love hayfields. Maybe I'll do 101 photos of hayfields now instead of orchard shots...

    Thanks for joining the challenge! Gorgeous ride and good to see your new scooter in action.

  2. Yeah, I was glad to ditch the box once I got to the post office!

    They just mowed around here and I too love to look at the endless bales scattered across the landscape.

    We have a huge field of sheep with 2 Great Pyrenees dogs guarding them and I had hoped to get a shot of them in but they were not out on this ride, which I did on Tuesday.

    Later I'll do a "sheep expose" and post pics! LOL

  3. Great little story, thanks. That creek looks like a nice shady spot to hang out from the heat of the summer.

    1. It really is a beautiful, hidden spot...

  4. That is a beautiful little ride. I can see how it would refresh, not too long but so many things to see.

    I think you need extra points for getting the scooter in the picture too.

    The sheep expose sounds fun. Is that pics of them after they have been sheared?

    1. Yes, guess it is! LOL

      And actually I saw them tonight and they have been sheared nekkid now!

  5. Deb:

    your ride looks so peaceful, not much traffic to spoil your meandering pace. I've never seen a covered bridge . . . except in movies

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  6. Deb, your commute is so pretty! I so wish we had covered bridges here! They invoke romance (The bridges of Madison County) Your scoot is looking awesome! Glad you are out and about!

    1. Thanks! The next county to the west of us has quite a few covered bridges. I think it might be fun to try to scoot to all of them if I can locate them. Many are no longer in their original locations. Some are sitting in a sad!

      Love that man Clint :=)

  7. Beautiful! Does traffic even exist in your neck of the woods? My favourite is of course the covered bridge (any covered bridge). Very refreshing ride.

    1. I am blessed with many back roads that have few, if any cars. Mostly because many of the local residents are driving horse and buggy (Amish). Also, cagers tend to be more cautious around here because of that. I still assume I am invisible though...

  8. "Invisible to cagers, is what I meant"!

  9. Oooooh, pretty. :-)

    Looks a lot like Lancaster County in PA, what with the Amish stuff and covered bridges. Since you are just over the mountains from me, I am not surprised to see hay bales. They must have just done the mowing here, too, because there were lots and lots of hay bales about last weekend. I didn't really notice just how many until I was looking through the 3,000+ pics to make my post-ride slide show.

    1. Yeah and all that mowing makes for "dog days" of sneezing and sniffling, unfortunately! :=(

  10. I grew up on a farm in central Michigan. I miss the space. There is lots of urban sprawl, three rivers, and some big hills between me and the miles and miles of open space.

    Got to love the covered bridge and I think you named a neat personal challenge: Locating and photographing the other covered bridges.

    Thanks for the share,

    1. Keith-
      You've got me thinking now! That might be fun! I think most of them are no longer spanning a river or creek, but up on the side of the road. I wlll find out!

      Michigan is a beautiful state! Never saw a more vibrant autumn display than when I lived up there briefly in the 1980s.