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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Part I: Why the good-bye?

Perhaps only a Ruckus or Met 49cc rider will understand, but what it came down to was: scooter riding wasn't fun anymore since I brought the Elite home.

I thought it would be an advantage, more ccs. But the truth is I only gained 10 more mph. And they were boring mph. And I wasn't going any faster or farther than when I rode my Ruckus.

And oh how I missed my Ruckus!

So I went looking for a used one in the area as the new ones now are too hefty a price for me. I could find nothing.

Somehow it came to me that a Met was "almost" a Ruckus: same engine, same handlebars, similar platform and weight, and same glorious water-cooled engine made in Japan. Same top speed and quick handling.

Ruck had fatter tires, 3" longer wheelbase, and was about 15 pounds heavier. Still that tight, manageable, maneuverable ride on both. Hmmm...

Then as I researched I realized the Met had a few things the Ruck did not: locking underseat storage, locking center stand, gas gage, and some neat accessories from Honda. Plus it was pretty cute looking too and had a low seat. It would "fit" me like the Ruck did.

So I read every review I could find on the internet about the Met and concluded that this scoot has as much of a cult following as the Ruckus. So if I couldn't get a Ruckus back now, I could get a Met because I was seeing used ones all around on Craigslist. 2-3 hours away, but out there.

I learned a lot about the Met and when I found one an hour away I got excited. But it was a Met II and an 03 and I wanted a Met I and at least a 2006 due to the same engine changes that affected the 2006 Ruckus. So I opted out on that one.

I decided to call around and see if any of the 4 Honda dealers within 2 hours of me had any used Mets or 2009 Mets still on the sales floor. I'd seen the 2013 Met and was not interested in it because of some of the changes from the 2009 model. (There was no 2010, 2011, or 2012 model sold.)

First place I called had TWO 2009s on the floor at half the original listed dealer price! It was too good to be true! I then called about 5 other Ohio dealers and they either had nothing or listed them at $2000+ out the door.

So I called the first dealer back and she also had 2 Rucki on the floor. Listed at web price in the mid $2K range and NO bonus bucks running on the web now. Could not do a new Ruck! Darn!

So I said I'd come down and eye ball the 2009 Monzo Met later that afternoon. I needed time to think of how I was going to justify two scooters, so close in performance, sitting out in my garage.

Plus I knew at some point I was going to get my hands back on a Ruckus eventually and I certainly could not justify THREE scooters!

Then an idea popped in my head: see if I can trade the Elite for one of the new 2009 Mets. I perused the NADA, thought about it, and called back.

The offer was taken with interest and about an hour later I got a call back that they would be willing to work a deal out with me if I decided to go for the Met.

Wow! Not having to deal with low ballers and text messages and people who don't show up to see the scooter after you wait for them for hours?! Too good to be true!

But was I ready to say "good bye" to the Elite? It took me less than 30 seconds to realize that the answer was definitely YES. I had no feeling for that scooter, even though I tried to do so. I was not riding it. Cob webs were literally forming in the brake levers.

Why? It was beautiful to look at, smooth riding, powered up hills, lots of storage. What's not to like? Simply put, for me it was not fun! It was boring and felt big and like taking it out to do a little run or longer ride even was a chore. Yes, "chore".

I can't explain it otherwise but I'd feel myself looking at it in the garage and I felt distain, resentment, aggravation. It had taken my Ruck away from me and scootering was no longer fun. How weird, but how true.

It had to go. I knew it the day the title came in the mail. I was already formulating the Craigslist ad and bracing myself for the goofy calls and text messages. But I wanted the Elite gone and my Ruck back!

So back to Friday...glory be, they will take it in a trade! How rare, how wonderful, how exciting! I jumped my butt in the cage and swiftly drove down to the dealership to eye ball the Monzo Met.

In the door, there were two of them sitting next to two Rucki. Yeah, about the same size. Pretty much going to be the same ride plus a few niceties. And the red was gorgeous!

That's it: write it up and order me a front basket and a rear rack. I'm ready to bring in the Elite tomorrow! Not a feeling of regret, not one shred of sadness, just "let's get this deal going, I want to ride again like I used to do! On a FUN scooter!" If I can't have a Ruckus now, then give me a Met!

Part II will be a ride comparison report between the 49cc Met and the 108 cc Elite over a 100 mile, mountainous stretch to and from the dealership, which took place on Saturday.

Very interesting and surprizing conclusions...


  1. Where have I been? I've been reading your messages to me and didn't even come over here! I'm so sorry! I always figure everyone takes the weekends off (except me).

    You did this so fast! I thought you were just starting to poke around. Wow. You did it, girl! That red is beautiful! And your dog looks very pleased, if not a bit confused...

    Your story today is just about what I would be doing, feeling and thinking if I had done what you did. I read your blog when you got your new Honda waiting and wondering, using your thoughts to guide me. And now I know- what I've been feeling is what I need to pay attention to and just enjoy what I have. A 49cc is not a "pull over to the shoulder" type of a scooter. I tell people it's not a toy and in a 45 zone if my 40mph isn't good enough they can go around me. I've every right to be there.

    Wonderful. I can't wait to read more and more of your Little Red Adventures. Congratulations on making this decision!

  2. I completely understand how you feel. I felt that way with the Bonneville when I bought it. I wanted to love it but couldn't. I am glad you were able to trade the Elite in for the Met and that scootering is now fun again.

    When it becomes a chore you know it is time for a change. Good job on realizing it so quick and not trying to tough it out.

    Can't wait to hear of your scootering on the little Met. And that red really is a pretty color.

    1. Yes, I remember your Bonneville experience!

      Though my agonizing toward change seemed quick, it really had been going on since March.

      Enough! :=)

      After I work in the garden this morning I am going to take a nice, long, FUN scooter ride!

  3. Martha-
    Only a happy 49cc rider would understand! I was a happy one for 5 years, but I got this "itch" in me and struck the deal for the Elite in March. I actually tried once to back out of the deal (lay-away) but it was too late.

    I pushed forward, trying to keep an open mind, hoping that change would be "good for me" after 5 years on a little scooter. Everyone "should" go for more power, right?

    Wrong. I learned that lesson. FUN is more important to me than 10 or even 20 more miles per hour. When I am riding I am NOT in a hurry, I am out to "slow down" from life. I am out to relax, stop and take photos, carry along a lunch and sit by the creek, buzz over to the library...all at a slow, leisurely pace.

    Through all this I've come to understand what type of scooter rider I am and want to continue to be. I am content with that knowledge and SO happy to be riding out on the peppy, fun, light, and happy little Met!

    I am going to compare the two scoots on the next post. Many will roll their eyes and still "not get it". I don't care.

    I come from bicycling and I ride my 49cc scooter somewhat "like a bike" but with more freedom and fun that on a bike.

    Many start out scooting and want to ride their scooter "like a motorcycle". I thought I was that type of rider, but no, that is not for me after all.

    "Squirt" is a turtle character, so it is fitting that my Met will be named "Squirt". Cute, fun-loving, playful, free, happy, and slow in comparison to some, but not to me!

    I had not driven a half a mile from the dealership on Saturday when a big ol' grin came over my face! It stayed there for the next 40 mile ride home! Wowee!

  4. Great testimonial, Deb.

    The Metro seat is about the lowest in the industry! And I like that. The Ruckus is a bit higher. Is there a way to lower it? I'm 5 feet tall. 5 foot 1 on a good day.

    1. Martha-
      I know the Met is "slightly lower", but I am a 29" inseam, 5'4" and don't notice the difference.

      Here is what Honda says about seat height:

      Met is 28.3 inches
      Ruckus is 28.9 inches

      A "hair" over .5 inches difference.

      However, Battle Scooter does sell an after market seat lowering kit fof the Ruckus if you needed to go that route. I doubt you would, however.

  5. Deb,
    I totally get it. I went from 50cc's to 101cc's and there really isn't that much of a difference in performance. It was a lateral move for me. It was a good move as I moved from a less reliable to a more reliable scooter. But having lived through that experience, I'm now looking to take a big step up. I want to do some different kind of riding, but I don't want to give up my Symba and its strengths. When I talk to others they often say something like: "You know what's going to happen don't you? You'll feel that extra power and the Symba will stay in the garage." I will be very much surprised if that happens. And, I suspect you know quite well why I feel that way.

    I'm sorry the Elite didn't work out, but I can't say I'm surprised. I'm very glad you didn't waste anytime getting back to your joy. Good job!


    1. Yes, you "get it"! :=)

      I heard those same sort of comments and so I willingly sold my 49cc Ruckus to get funding for the Elite thinking I'd be moving up even beyond the 108cc some day.


  6. Deb - I love your new little scooter! I actually tried posting on this blog thread when you first posted, but I guess darned old blogger wouldn't take it. Arrgh sometimes blogger drives me nuts.

    Anyway I completely get why you traded it in and it is really cute! Your wee met is very much like Vixen, same style, great features and very comfy to ride. Now all you need is a snazzy seat cover by scootalong!

  7. Seatcover? Hmmm...might check into that!