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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Gettin' sitchy-ated"...(or the mundane musings of a truly anal-retentive geek girl)

Now I'm not whining, really! This is only a semi-amusing "rant" about how it is to adjust to a new scooter and "get situated", if ya know what I mean. If nothing else it will work just like a cup of warm milk before bed time! Zzzzz....sweet dreams...

Well, what I mean is, after 5 years of riding the same machine, a Honda Ruckus, I find myself on a scooter that has different "stuff issues" on it. Like, where you put your "stuff". An old girl like me gets used to certain amenities and when they are swapped out, it "unrocks my world". And I might be just a tad OCD here, but "I yam what I yam", and these issues are staring at me as I speak (write). Woe is me, what to do?

If you've seen my past posts about all the bags and other attachments that I had set up on my Ruck, then you will easily understand it when I say that on the Elite framework, there is "no place to put nothin'"!

Well, yeah, there is this "cavernous underseat storage spot". That is super and I can't say enough about that. But, hey, I've filled it up with a rain jacket, maps, rain paints, hi viz vest, gloves, bungees, first aid kit, blah, blah, blah and it is FULL. I had all this stuff in the underseat bag on my Ruckus.

Grocery shopping? On the Ruckus I had canvas saddlebags. I am not going to use them on the Elite as they won't fit on it and would look goofy if they did. Not that I mind "goofy", but hey, let's "grow a little class here", if ya know what I mean. Like "lipstick on a pig" in reverse. That makes me laugh, and I don't know why, but ha ha! looks like "top case time" is coming...but let's ponder more...

Then there is that acclaimed "glovebox" on the Elite. It's huge and it locks and it's cool. Looks good in theory, except that as soon as you open it the stuff falls out! So I am going to have to figure out how to velcro some little soft camera cases or something inside so that my stuff like keys, cell phone, camera, wallet, comb, ETC have a place to be while I am riding.

On the Ruck I attached a handlebar bag. Well, there is no "handlebar" on this machine. Just two grips sticking out there.

Let's talk waterbottle. On the Ruckus I had a bicycle water bottle cage attached to hold my iced tea while I rode. No place for such an attachment on the Elite. Or I haven't figured it out yet! (And I will, eventually!)

Toting extra fuel bottles to extend my range of travel? On the Ruck I bungeed them onto the underseat. No way to do this on the Elite.

Everything on the Elite is slick and shiney and pretty, but not so functional. Or not as utilitarian as on the Ruckus where almost ANYTHING could be toted along if one was creative enough!

The Cortech tail bag looks good in theory, but it is not working out either. You have to bungee it underneath something on the machine or attach it to something and the "something" is just not there on the Elite.

Running the bungees under the seat makes for maddening inconvenience as every time you need into the seat compartment (which seems to be constantly!), you have to disconnect the whole gizmo and it falls off! Plus the seat lock mechanism does not engage properly and that is a bummer.

Oh, land sakes, here's another one: where to attach the Gremlin Bell? I finally found a place and really, it is the only place. I looped it around the left hand grip. That was ok and I can live with that. I have to, don't I? Gotta ring my bell while riding to warn off those pesky buggers...

What I see coming is a top case and I shudder at the thought. I've ridden a few test ride scooters to the creak and squeak of a top case. But it will likely come to that, creak or not.

Then there is the "tried and true" black wire basket that has traveled all over the county on the back of both my Rucks. Darn functional, but truly "a la geek". But then, I am a geek, so it might just work out!

With the basket I could: save $50-$150 on a top case; carry extra fuel bottles; attach a water bottle holder; attach another bag or two; fly a hi viz flag so my geeky butt does not get run over on these backroads; and basically look like the eccentric "old broad" that I am riding a Honda Elite around these sticks instead of a Honda Ruckus, and flying a funky ol' flag over a wire basket full of STUFF. (George Carlin, anyone?)

AND...this would free up the "cavernous underseat storage spot" (CUSS) for grocery runs!

The other alternative is to get a locking top case which could tote around the fuel bottles, rain gear, first aid kit, maps, bungees, and allow the CUSS to tote groceries and hold a pitcher of sweet tea for those stops at scenic overviews. Maybe even a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Nummy!

With the top case I wouldn't look "so geeky" and some passers-by on "real motorbikes" might give me a nod laced with a bit of respect and good will which I think Maxine deserves 'cause she is so pretty...

But then again I LIKE that old basket! It might do until I can save up for that top case or get the money from the Ebay sale of the Cortech tail bag which just isn't working...or did I already say that?!

As they say in the South...lawd, lawd!


  1. I have to smile. I ride a Burgman, also famed for it's under-seat storage and have considered a top box for several reasons. I ended up with putting a towel down to protect the tupperware and strapping an old fashioned milk crate to the back of it when I have some errands to run. It may look a little goofy but I've found it works out nicely.

    1. Heck, yeah. Whatever works! I am pulling out the wire basket tomorrow and strapping it on!

  2. Sounds like the same sort of solution as my black wire basket! Whatever works!

    I encountered 2 scoots at an Amish market on Saturday, both with absolutely no tail bags, top cases, saddle bags, nada. My first thought was, "How are you carrying your stuff home?"

    Of course I didn't see the owners. They may have been wearing huge backpacks for all I knew!

    Burgman-NICE ride!

  3. Deb:

    I have always considered the Top Case as an essential for safety reasons, same as for having a windscreen. I always imagine that a Ford F-150 is right on your bumper. How would they even know a scooter is in front of them ? A top case makes you more visible to those behind. Give you a bigger footprint, especially on the highway. Put lots of reflective tape on the topcase, rear and sides.

    same as for the windscreen. You don't realize all the sand and grit tossed up by the car in front. Plus those little rocks which become unstuck in the tires are like bullets. It also keeps you from hitting bugs and flies.

    Never wear a backpack when riding otherwise you may lose your arms due to inertia. Put the backpack on the floorboards between your legs when riding.

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. I've been flying a hi viz flag and wearing a high viz vest, so I am pretty obnoxiously "right there" except for the zombies on cell phones! LOL

      I've never had a windscreen, but might consider one. I am usually riding backroads with few, if any cars, but the bugs out here can get pretty darn big!

  4. I think your wire basket will suit you until you decide on a top case or not. My mom used to have a milk crate strapped to her little trail bike

    I liked your lipstick on a pig in reverse comment. It made me think of a pig backing up while you were trying to put lipstick on it. Then I understood what you meant. lol

    Oh, and we wave at all scooters we see - you guys are out there rocking the world and face the same dangers on two wheels just like the rest of us.

    1. The image is pretty thought-provoking, no? LOL

  5. Deb, you always make me laugh when I read your posts! If you lived in Victoria you would see many a scoot with a topcase or milk crate for that matter. Its all about practicality when on a scoot. As for motorcyclists waving, they never wave a scooters here, I always do though! One day I pulled up to a light and a gal pulled up beside me on a vino and I leaned over and chatted with her. She said she was surprised that I did because most motorcyclists ignore her. Anyway that is another post for another day.

    You should try your saddle bags on the bike, post a picture and let us tell you what we think. As for looking dorky don't even worry about it, I look dorky on my bike with my back pack loaded to the gills and on one occasion I had to tie a bag full for groceries to the handle on my backpack and wear it home that way - NOW that is dorky. lol

    1. Glad it brought a few chuckles. I like a dry-witted banter every once in a while and it was fun to write!

      I will have to say that I get waved at and have waves returned out here on these country roads by motorcyclists. First time I got that little sideways salute I was enthralled with the feeling of being one with the riding universe! Now these are just "country folk" riding any old motorcycle.

      Those that don't wave or wave back are the big money weekend city riders who swarm over the countryside on sunny days and invade the Amish markets. Pfooey on them! LOL