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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Progress on Heading Home

Last week I went out to Adams County twice. Once to help an old neighbor do some work on her property and the other day to meet with a local realtor.

We need to see if we can qualify for financing and buy a house or if we will have to rent one in the long run.

So our next step is to apply for a mortgage approval and we will use local contacts that he provided to see what we could get. There are also some grants out there that one of our neighbors in here obtained for a down payment, so we are optimistic. I am also a veteran, so maybe the VA loan program.

Anyway, all that is going to be initiated on Monday with multiple phone calls.

If we do not get approved then we will pursue some "owner financing" avenues or maybe even "lease to own".

I will keep an update going. Meanwhile, everybody keep your fingers crossed that we get some sort of financing because ownership is vastly preferred to having the landlady ride up in "your" driveway after 7 years and want her house back!


  1. I don't know if Adams County is considered "distressed" but you may qualify for a Homesteading loan. Basically you agree to buy a home in a rural or distressed area and the govt will give you a point or two off. I bought my home in Pittsburgh in a gentrified (but other wise safe and good) neighborhood that way. You have to agree to stay in the house for a certain number of years and put so much $$ into the property for home improvements.

  2. I appreciate that information and I will definitely inquire about that option.

    I would not be surprised if the county did fall into that category.

  3. keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck my friend.