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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

All Done

All done! 120 floral arrangements and fruit baskets delivered by Christmas Eve!

I could not have asked for more perfect weather along the way. Generous tips bought me coffee and burgers and kept me going along for a 10 day run. It was so much fun, but now it's over.

Over and all done and now what's next? is the big question looming in front of me.

I am sending out resumes and exploring options. What is more frustrating than a job search?

I know! A search for another place to live!

And we have got to get out of the "cottage-by-the-mall" this year. Our lease runs through September but they want to know by JUNE if we are staying! No, we are NOT staying! I swear to God we are not staying for a 4th lease renewal!

So I am making preparations now. I am looking for work (or creating some) that will allow us to move out east a bit and maybe be able to go back into a little house along some quiet rural road.

It has to be far out enough to allow us to afford it, but close enough that I can draw out some sort of "living" from some source.

So I am "all done" with the past life here and looking for a "new tomorrow".

And isn't that what New Year's celebrations are supposed to be about?

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my pals in Moto Blogger Land!

Roll on safely into 2015...


  1. You have a CRV! Excellent! A fellow CRV owner. I love mine. 2nd one I've had.

    I'm bound to keep rolling thru crappy jobs until I get to a place where there are choices of garden centers/greenhouses where I want to work- and are open ALL YEAR LONG. At some point I'll either find that place that I like and that likes me or I'll die trying. There's no point otherwise.

    Are you considering NC? Best of luck to you at this point. You know I'm doing the same thing, but I have a house to sell, so that will complicate things quite a bit.

    What a year this could be for us both...

  2. That is a lot of flower and fruit deliveries. Good job getting them all done.

    At least you have a bit of time to catch you breath and look towards the future. Fingers crossed that little place you need/want will come available at just the right time and so will some work. Happy New Year.

  3. Your going to laugh when I say this...but try finding a paper delivery job. The hours are generally short, the pay not bad and the mileage can be deducted off your taxes (you will show a loss due to the way taxes are figured in America) but actually make money. It's a weird thing. I make about 15K extra per year doing exactly that. Not great money but it pays for vacations, scooter tires, etc.

  4. Good luck finding the work you're looking for, hopefully in a place that you like to live in. A very Happy New Year to you!