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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Fling!

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Spring was starting to burst out all over and I spent most of Saturday out on my Yamaha C3 scooter exploring the county and the nearby village of Batavia.

Then on Sunday we all took a car ride on Route 52 along the Ohio River, just exploring randomly and occasionally stopping to watch the barges go by.

In all this meandering I was in search of a Dogwood tree to photograph. I never found one!

The green was barely showing on most bushes and trees, though the sun was warm and the air was laden with that sweet spring freshness.

On Saturday I scooted over to the county seat, Batavia, a pretty little village nestled along the east fork of the Little Miami River.

There's a peaceful little cemetery there where I often stop to enjoy the woods and the quiet:

I had stopped and bought some snacks, so a little rest became a little feast!

The C3 opens up to make a great buffet table!

Pausing along a back road out of town the daffodils provided a beautiful background:

The C3 rolled along the back roads quietly and tackled hills like a champ! What an awesome little 49cc!

On Sunday we headed out in the car. Our first stop was the village of New Richmond, a river town rich in history and local color. I know I will return there on the scooter just to explore it in more detail:

A little riverside park provided a place for the girls to sniff about and explore:

Our youngest furry daughter:

Just enjoying the serenity...

Looking over to the Kentucky side, I spied this "castle" on the hill:

Zooming in, it really does look like a castle! Well, sort of. Eat your heart out, Sonya! ;=)

We drove easterly on the river road and made a few more stops along the way. These were our constant travel companions out on the river. This one was near Moscow, Ohio:

Near Utopia, Ohio, I snapped this purple carpet of heather rolling across the field:

We ended our afternoon with chicken dinners in the park beside the river in Aberdeen, Ohio. Across the way is Maysville, Kentucky, another historic little river town:

Hope you enjoyed hanging out with us on our "spring fling"!


  1. Such a beautiful area you live. I am so glad the sun is shining for you and all those blooms have come out to play.

    The C3 looks like the perfect picnic vehicle.

    1. You know, it IS beautiful, but I doubt many really stop to see it the way it is. Scooting opened my eyes to things around me in a way I had forgotten since I was a child.

      We have lots of neat history and natural beauty all around us in this area!

  2. Nice. Still waiting for spring here. It was 27C yesterday and -10C today with snow. Can't catch a break this year, so seeing those pictures of heather and the forsythia hedge made my day.

    1. Well our ecstasy came to a crashing halt yesterday morning when we work up to SNOW and temps in the 20s!

      The birds are still trying to sing, however!

  3. Gads- it's time to mow! You are really into Spring!

    Is that really heather?

    Looks like you are back riding when, where and how you wanted to! Good job!

    1. I don't know if it IS heather, really. Little purple flowers.

      Wish I'd taken a close up shot.

      Do you know what it might be?

    2. I'm not sure...I should look more at your area and see what grows. I know it's not real heather- but didn't want to shoot you down...There are plants that people call by regional terms and affectionate names and I don't correct people unless they ask.

      So, having said that, I'm not sure! I'd love a close up. Is it over 6 inches? My first thought was knapweed and while the color is pretty, it's a nightmare. On the HIT LIST of every conservation dept in the land! Check it out online and see if that's it.

    3. I researched a bit about knapweed and it does not seem to be as tall as the photos shown. Or so it seemed from a distance anyway.

      We had passed a few farm pastures before this particular field and it was actually growing almost as a border under the fence line. It was quite pretty and reminded me of creeping flox (sp?).

      Anyway, I've seen these purple tinged pastures in the spring for years. If I see one again around here I will try to get up close to the plants.

      I'd bet that field hosted either corn or soybeans at one point. Could that have anything to do with this bloomage?

      The field I photographed was about 50 miles out from where I live so not easy to go back and check details.

      I'm thinking that this display is short-lived in the season as well, if memory serves me right.

      I will watch for it as I go along this week on my travels. Maybe I will see some around here.

  4. Deb:

    I had to consult my map to see where you went. Didn't realize you were so close to KY.

    I see you are having a great time with your C3, makes a nice picnic table too. Spring has arrived for you. I've never seen a real river boat. They look low to the water line. We can't have those here because of the ocean and tides

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. We live in the "tri-state" as they call it. The convergence of the 3 states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. I am originally from Kentucky myself.

      I was about 49 miles out from where I live now, across the Ohio River from Maysville.

      From home here I can travel about 10 miles and reach the Ohio River as it winds it's way from Maysville through Cincinnati on it's way to Louisville and beyond.

      BTW, the Belterra Casino is between Cincinnati and Louisville on the Ohio River!

      You can ride the Ohio Byway all the way from Ohio through Illinois along the river. I hope to do that entire ride some day. I think it would be an awesome experience on a scooter or motorcycle!

  5. I can't wait and am so envious! Just when I think we're on the verge of improvement we get sent right back to what was.

    I have and will continue to smile every time I see the C3's out and about.

    1. You know I am a lover of the 49cc experience of scooting and I have to say that the little C3 is probably one of the most misunderstood and over-looked of the lot.

      I became intrigued by it when I did some scooter quiz research and I set out to find one to see in person and to try out. I thought it was cool and funky looking.

      I sat on it and test rode it and was blown away after having been on a Ruckus and a Met all these 7 years.

      I still read comments all over the web from the "un-knowers" who make light of the C3 and call it "fugly" or worse.

      They have no clue! I am so glad I have my brand new last year model C3. I love it!

      It won't be my last 49cc or my last Yamaha, but I believe it will always be in my stable of two!

      God forbid I should say "stable of three" but the lust for others is always there!

      Everyone should have as much fun on any scooter or motorcycle as life allows.

      And I am sure having fun on little "Hoot"! :=)

  6. Awesome pics Deb! I love your 'fugly' C3, there was one behind me yesterday and I smiled. Still think it is an awesome scoot and I loved my yammy vino, yammy's are solid little beasts and they go like heck. Love the smorgy pic. Hope you get out on the other little beasty too and post some pics of that adventure, I bet it is a little peevish sitting in the garage when it watches the C3 leave it behind. Gotta keep it equal or you will have a scooter rebellion brewing in the garage ;)

    1. Took Stinky out on a 50 miler today! I will post that blog later this week.

      I truly do think it is more fun to ride a little scooter fast than to ride a big scooter slowly! Don't know where I heard that but it stuck in my peevish brain!

      Yeah, I think they fight over me when they hear the car pull up (they are currently kept in a nearby storage unit as I don't have a garage - YET!).

  7. Deb, there's something special about a scoot that doubles as a movable feast.

    Very nice country, very nice traditional interpretation of spring too.

    1. Many think it looks like a rolling ice, hey, why not?

      But I say "never judge a book by it's cover"!

      The think is a HOOT...hence the name! LOL

  8. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Thank you! Think's a blast!