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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scooter Quiz # 3

*See if you know the answer to the quiz question and post your response. I will post the answer in a few days...

Made by Honda, this scooter transports it's riders via a 100cc engine.

Can you identify this scooter?

Answer: The Honda Bravo

"The Honda Bravo is a 4-stroke 100 cc underbone class motorcycle designed and manufactured in the Philippines. The frame and engine of the Honda Bravo is the same as the Honda Wave 100 of Thailand, but they are only different in the plastic body fairings. This motorcycle is related to the Honda XRM, which is also designed and manufactured in the Philippines. It features an aluminum engine." (Wikipedia)


  1. Is this perhaps a Honda Daelim 100cc scooter or a super cub.

    Geez I really like the look of these and wish we had them here, because I would seriously consider getting one for commuting to work. I am still thinking of getting a side car rig for Scarlet and then I would be happy with my haul-ability and more stabilized winter riding.

    Happy New Year to my Scooter Super Diva friend! I can hardly wait to hear about your warm weather travels on the psycho! Deb seriously I love your scoot and I think I would ride it just because it has the blood shot eyeball on it.

  2. Yeah, I am eager to ride it! Meanwhile I am building up my accessories and gear, getting ready.

    It is amazing how many different scoots that Honda alone sells throughout the world. If only we could have access to these models.

    This scoot is not a Daelim or Super Cub, though it is in the same "under bone" family.

    Hey, how about a Yammie Majesty or Honda PCX for your commute? Motorcycle "feel", scooter utility!

    Hint on the blue scoot: it is sold in an "island nation"....

  3. Agree about the fantastic Honda selection that OTHER countries have.....there's one in particular that I'd like from Brazil. I have a friend now retired from Honda that I went after about this. He had some justification but he never won me over to his side of the argument.

    1. Yeah, once I started researching I was amazed at the awesome choices everywhere from Honda but HERE.

      Hint on this one: it is sold by Honda in an "island nation"...

    2. It is an interesting mix of Old and New Honda; a great lineage in this pretty thing.

  4. Well Deb I still can't find this cool little scooter. Are ya going to tell us what it is?