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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day!

You know how it's a Thursday night and I am looking forward to the weekend. I've worked the past 2 weekends and just a dab of a day off for Thanksgiving, so I am ready to lounge.

So I wake up Friday morning and an ice storm has come through and coated my world, including the car, in a half inch layer of shimmering bright clear ICE.

There is no way I am going to get this baby chopped out and I noticed that none of my neighbors have gone anywhere either at 9 o'clock in the morning, so I "called off" work. The city is shutting down and closing up because more snow and ice are expected by noon and all through the rest of the day.

Yippee! It was a SNOW DAY on Friday!

And pretty soon the white stuff did start falling in the afternoon. It was beautiful to watch out the back door. Before it was all over I was looking at 7-8 inches of snow all around our courtyard. The pine needles and leaves on the bushes were coated in a glaze of ice crystal.

Yesterday (Saturday) I did make it out of the house to the grocery after spending a good part of 30 minutes chopping the car out of it's ice castle. Had to get creamer for the coffee and dog food. Had to.

But that was about it.

I needed the rest, the quiet, the gentle silence of the fluffy stuff outside of my window, and it was SO nice to "just do nothing in particular".


  1. Those are nice days... but this time of year there will be shoppers no matter what! And they were out here, too! We got a nasty icy snow this afternoon and it will be bad tonight, too.

    What would you do if the power goes out?

    1. Don't mingle with the shopping madness unless I have to go to the grocery. Other than that, we no longer participate in the "tradition" of gift exchange other than "gifts" of time or kindness, etc.

      If the power goes out we will sit in the darkness and get very, very cold!

  2. Deb:

    It's not usual for us to get ice storms here. Freezing rain once in a while but still rare for us. Actually we don't get much snow either. Most years just a week or so. It generally just rains for 4 months

    It must have felt nice to have a nice relaxing unscheduled day off from work

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. It was nice!

      When I lived by the ocean in SE Virginia we never got snow either. I wonder if it has to do with living close to the ocean.

  3. We too had a do nothing weekend because of snow. Mind you we did make it out to coffee on Saturday.

    Sure glad we didn't have to chip ice off the car. That freezing rain layer is the worst.

  4. I have often got to work only to find they have canceled it. My Michigander sensibility of what constitutes a big snow hasn't adjusted to the local reality. They have a phone number to call to see if the Courts are open, but they don't update until after I and most everyone else has to leave to get there on time. Oh well, at least they have a plan even if it is a poor one.

  5. Snow days I never get them because my boss and I both come from Northern BC and we would have 7 months of snowy winter weather and we went through daily routines of -40 and tons of snow. But when we get snow here on the Island it incapacitates a lot of people and the municipal government doesn't have the equipment to move it around or clear it or salt/sand the roads. I usually slog my way into work for the most part and then sit there answering the "I'm not coming in calls from our clients". Enjoy your snow day!

  6. One....simple......snow day. We all know what they are and how good they feel, even if we don't get them ourselves. So glad it was your turn Deb, sounds like you made it count.

  7. 7 months of winter?! No thanks!

    The weekend was nice, but cabin fever set in and I chopped the car out of the igloo and hit the grocery store.

    I am ready for a vacation but won't get a break til mid-January.