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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Genuine Buddy Psycho 125

It should arrive in my Scooter Lair in a few weeks!


1. Two 10 inch wheels with tires!
2. Front disk brake!
3. Rear adjustable suspension!
4. LOUD Horn!
5. BRIGHT Lights!
6. Matte black!
7. 4 stroke!
8. 225 pounds!
9. 100 mpg!
10.60+ mph!
12.Pretty vast under seat locking storage bin.
13.It's just CRAZY and SCARY at the same time!
14.Kick starter.
15.Center and side stand.
16.Low seat height for shorties.
17.Passenger seating.
18.12v plug in.
19.Front tray for stuff and stuff.
20.A floorboard!

My Met Squirt went to a new home with a mom and daughter who BOTH now ride Red Honda Metropolitans! I will miss my Met, but it's time to move into a new phase of riding: faster and further in less time.

I almost bought a Honda PCX, but I just found I prefer a smaller, more traditional scooter platform (which means floorboard) and riding experience.

I am hoping this will be a nice all around scoot for town and back road exploring.

More adventure, more fun!


  1. The loud horn makes me think it is a Genuine Buddy Scooter and the matte black paint points to the Psycho Limited Edition model....
    However, Trobairitz just piped up and offered her suggestion.

    Regardless, congratulations on the new ride!

  2. Is it a new Yamaha Zuma... I purchased one from a friend of mine during a divorce sale.. Great little scooter.. I use it mainly to run to the gym late at night.. The short wheelbase and the so little weight is so much different than the Triumph Tiger I usually ride, which makes it so much fun.

    1. Very close second. What kept me off was the seat comfort factor and seat height. Just felt too hard and high up for me. I agree it is an AWESOME scooter! Was my top choice for quite a time since it debuted in a 125cc.

  3. Deb:

    I was going to say Honda Grom but it has 12" tires

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. No, not a Grom.

      But I DID get to see one and sat on it. Loved the look, very small, but no place to carry ANYTHING!

      But cute and a reported "performer" at 125cc.

  4. My guess was a Zuma as well.

    Whatever it is congrats on the purchase.Looking forward to seeing pics.

    1. So cool that you are getting a Psycho. We saw one in person at the Triumph shop and they sure are nice.

      And hubby is that smart at figuring out puzzles. He loves those brain teasers.

    2. I saw stuff about the Psycho when it first came out 2 years ago and thought then that it was rugged like a Ruckus for rougher back roads, small and nimble enough that I would feel comfortable on it coming from smaller scooters, and fast enough to get me out to some distant places for day explorations. In other words, a great "all around" scooter.

      Never thought I'd own one due to cost and availability, but now it is happening and I am SO excited!

  5. I'm really excited for you Deb; you will love this thing and be able to do the exploring you enjoy most!

    1. Darn tootin' and believe it or not one of your posts "somewhere" on the internet sold me on the Buddy for exploring the back roads!

      Was it "Adventure Rider"? Can't recall...

  6. Ah, the wonder of the in-between times. The first step is making space, you've done that. Now waiting to see what fills it up.

    1. Well, it all worked out and here it is!

  7. Congratulations!

    Here's looking at you, kid.

  8. Eager to go and pick it up! Hopefully next weekend or the next if my pal is unavailable with his trailer.

  9. AWESOME! I love the psycho eyeball on it. Have fun on this little beastie!!!

    1. I hope this puppy will work for me. Ya never know until you give them a chance out on the open road ("back road" in my case).

      It seems like a good choice, though I was also keen on a Yamaha Zuma 125 and even the Yamaha Morphous.

      We'll see....