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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

What It Comes Down To

Today is an awesome day for a scooter ride in my world: 50+ degrees and sunny! The Met awaits.

But first, I will lay out my ultimate plan for "more power" in 2013.

What it comes down to in my quest for "more power" is pretty simple: I'll take what I can get, it will be used, and it will be affordable.

Oh, yeah, and I am NOT getting rid of my Met! I will own two machines of some type.

One for local run around stuff (the Met) and the other for longer forays into the countryside (the mystery scoot).

It is probably going to be a used unit with low miles bought locally and ridden home. That means it will likely come from an individual, not a dealer. Not unless I get very lucky on that part.

I am on a budget, so I am going to start saving up my cash for this purchase. I am in no hurry. I'd like it by mid-summer at the latest, but we will see.

Here are the "contenders" thus far:

Yamaha Vino 125

Yamaha Zuma 125

Kymco People 150

Kymco Agility 125

Genuine Buddy 125

Genuine Black Jack

Genuine Psycho

And even this one: Honda Elite 110

Maybe this one if the price is right: Honda PCX 125

Definitely this one if the price is right and one can be found:

Honda Big Ruckus

And finally, a very long shot just because it is a classic and it fits:

Honda Helix

I think if the money is right, the scooter is in good to excellent condition, and it is a local seller, any one of these might fulfill my criteria for more power in a comfortable size.

The Big Ruck is the only 250cc that I have handled on a ride and I felt comfortable on it. They are hard to find and usually way over-priced, but I could get lucky.

The Helix is available used all the time and usually the prices are manageable. I think it is one of the ugliest scooters (Yamaha Morphous being the ugliest!) I have ever seen, but I've read that the comfort level for long day rides is unmatched. If I saw one within my budget I'd have to try it out to see for myself.

Meanwhile, I ride my Met on the side and back roads and fate will bring along my second scooter when the time is right!

Unless I win the lottery or Publisher's Clearning House comes to my door!

If that happens then I'd test ride every one of these and pick my first choice, new or used.

Going with my gut right now it would be the Genuine Buddy 125 or the Yamaha Zuma 125.

Right now a new, black Zuma 125 is sitting in a dealership 5 miles from me.


I am done obcessing on scooter models on this blog for now.

Meanwhile, I will wait and see where this goes

Hope you can get a little scoot or ride in today, whatever you are riding!

Be safe, be happy, ride on!


  1. Do you feel comfortable on the Zuma? I felt like I was perched on it. You and I are both 29ers, so I am wondering how this scooter felt to you.

  2. I rode it in 2009, so I am vague on the impression.

    I need to ride one again and I am hoping I can get a test ride in up the street at this dealer at some point.

    I think the Met has me spoiled comfort-wise for anything else.

  3. You got a good list. And, yes, the Helix is an ugly scooter, and yes, it is a wonderful scooter. I've always been partial to the Zuma's looks.

    Enjoy the wait :^)

    1. The Helix is big, but I will be replacing my car, so I've got a spot to park! LOL

      Yeah, I've got to test ride that Zuma 125 again if the dealer will let me. They are hard to find used around here.

  4. 50 degrees seems like Bahamas weather. We can't get above 36 or get away from freezing fog. It has been over a week now.

    I am glad you have so many potential next scooters on your short list. It makes it easier when one comes along at a perfect price to have a variety of options rather than just one make and model on your list.

    1. It was 56 here and very windy. I tried to do a short ride but it was darn cold. Not too much fun but revved up the battery.

      My list is pretty good, but who knows, I may wind up on something else. My mind is wide open!

  5. Deb

    Like your lst, but would scratch the 110 off because you weren't in love withnitbhe ins't I've around. Love the Big Ruck - I would have bought one of those if I could ave found it. I think I would definitely have the to Yammy's at the top of my list, but the Hinda PCX would be up there too. Mi was looking at one today's as a matter of fact. I even sat on a Burgie 650 and a Majesty 400, vey is appointed because they are both two wide for my leg length and I would seriously had to lean a lot and actually my motorcycle wins out over the Maxi scoots because is is narrower width wide and I am not sacrificing cc's. Hard decision to make, but you will know what's right when you find it.

    1. The pluses on the Elite 110 are it's high profile and I can almost flat foot it when seated. It will do close to 55mph, which is pretty good.

      Big Ruck is sweet but hard to find and then they jack up the prices even for a 7-8 year old bike because people with money will pay it. I could get lucky, however.

      I rode the PCX and it "ain't all that", believe me. But if one came along used and dirt cheap, I might go for it.

      I cannot straddle a Burgman either. I tried to on a 400 and you're right, it is wide and feels top heavy. Not for me.

      Who knows what the future will's exciting!

  6. Some of these are really long-shots for me...the Big Ruckus (availability and price), the Helix (long and bugly), the PCX (too sportbike like), and the Elite 110 (not much more power than the Met).

    I haven't talked about the Kymco Agility 125, which is at the top of my list theoretically. I haven't been able to try one out. I am working on this possibility.

  7. all the scoots that you have looked at are going to be 55 to 59 mph tops-the pcx 150 will do 65 but remenber that you do not want to have to run max all the time-save the bucks and get the aglity 125 and if you decide in time to go bigger then look at something along the lines of a beverly 350 or people 300

  8. the 125 is a great buy for under 2000.00

  9. I love the Kymco People 150. Its comfortable and quite appealing! And yeah! let no one convince you to do away with the Met. Keep them two. I wish i could help you save. So all the best and make sure you save!