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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Out to Lunch!

It was a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the upper 70's. I decided to take off on a scooter ride down the back roads, seeking lunch along the way.

I headed out down a paved road that winds alongside a creek bed...

I passed through the Harshaville Covered Bridge and took a photo op...

Along the road I passed by many small farms. Here's one with horses...

I also passed by some huge trees damaged by last week's storm...

Eventually I scooted into the village of Winchester...

Where I came upon this oasis of culinary delights...

Made my purchase, then scooted to the local cemetery to find a shady spot.

At this spot I used my scooter as a table and stood under the trees...

Plenty of places to stash stuff and lay out the feast...

It was a nummy sub with cheese, lettuce, turkey, and roast beef, plus chips!

Afterward, I rode over to the town's reservoir, which is really a pond.

Really a peaceful place with lots of lilly pads...

A little dock for boats...

I prepared to climb back on the scoot and head home...

It's about twenty miles back through farmland...

Passing by one of the few creek beds with any water in it...

Another dried up stream bed with a little pool of water...

Resting from the heat in a cool, shady glen...

Swinging by a local business, too much drought and hard soil

A scenic overlook of the valley on the road home...

My total distance covered was about 45 miles. I started out with temps in the upper 70's. They climbed into the mid 80's, but there was low humidity and it was very pleasant.

I saw no scooters or motorcycles on my route. I saw very few cars. I saw very few people except for some roofers working on a house. People are at work or are hiding inside their houses, I guess. It's always strange that way in all the areas that I ride out here.

I did see a big, fat groundhog run across the road at one point, but I did not get a photo of him as I was too busy trying to slow down so as not to hit him!

It was a beautiful day for a ride and I really set out with no plan outside of riding and eating. Totally spontaneous!

I think sometimes those are the best kind of rides! I had a great time!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love wandering rides they are the brstM. Love your met scooter, she is so cute!

    1. Thanks!

      I got to see a Vino 50cc up close recently. That is one cute scoot too! Beautiful lines. The one I saw was kind of a light bronze color. Just stunning!

  2. Looks very relaxing, great pics & glad you had fun. I like your MET as well.

    1. It was! I would love to lead a gang of you all out here on a rural day ride.

      I am working up a route and will give big advance notice on ScooterCincinnati and my other blog. I'm thinking early fall.

      Do you think anyone would come out to Brown County area?

  3. Your area reminds me of central IL, where I grew up. Except there are NO rolling hills. Period. Looks like you enjoy the same kind of riding I do. And so glad your temps are down!

    1. Ventures out into the rural landscape, that's me!

      Northern Ohio is as "flat as a flitter". Very different from this end in the "foothills" (or "knobs" as they call them at home in Kentucky).

      It's all beautiful to me! I'd love to ride along your Great Lakes too!

  4. Riding and eating - sounds like the perfect plan.

    Great pictures. A beautiful day with little to no traffic. Sounds like a great ride through beautiful scenery.

    1. Always got to include the eating part!

      It was a great day!

  5. When I started riding I needed a reason or a destination. I'm glad I got past that. It is so sweet to just let a ride develop, isn't it? And, oh how I would like to walk that one dried up steam bed with the little pool of water!

  6. I find myself more inclined to do this too! I still do a grocery run or library run on the scoot, but even then I find myself heading off somewhere unplanned after it's done.

    Pretty steam bed, isn't it? :=)

  7. It is sweet, isn't it? I too am liking this more and more...

  8. Lovely lunch ride. I am jealous! But happy that you are out enjoying the new scoot. :-)