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Ruckus Scooter Love
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ima Fuel for you!

Under the seat is a small (20 inch) black nylon cargo bag that came from Target for $8.00. It zips from the top and holds a ton of stuff. I have rain jacket and pants in there plus a first aid kit and cargo net

Under my basket to the rear of the seat are 2 Fastbak Designs nylon strapped on bottle cages which hold 2 32 oz. MSR fuel bottles. These bottles of fuel give me extra range on a ride. I am estimating another 50 miles, which is added security miles from home. 2 more of these could be strapped on the Sun basket and increase my range another 50 miles which would give my Ruckus a 230 mile range. A definite need for touring.

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