Ruckus Scooter Love

Ruckus Scooter Love
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Not your highway hog....

I felt it was time for the little scooters (49cc) to be highlighted, so I started this blog to share my fun adventures of owning and riding a 49cc Honda Ruckus. I think that riding and owning a 49cc IS a different scooter culture all together from the mid (80,125,150cc) or maxi (250cc+) scooters. Why? We do go slower than our bigger sibs, but we also ride differently in a lot of other ways as well.

We pick different types of routes, ride for different purposes to some degree, have to adher to different safety precautions, and have different kinds of adventures due to our ability to go where some of the bigger scoots cannot go. This is in direct contrast to what one might think it would be! But it's true! Of course there are the exact same differences from the bigger scoot point of view.

I hope to someday own a bigger scoot myself due to some of the limitations of the smaller 49cc machine. However, I cannot emphasize enough the joys and thrills of riding a smaller scooter like my Ruckus. I guess I will have to accept the reality of 2 scooter ownership at some point. Oh well, someone's got to do it!

Anyway, I hope this blog captures some of the joys, the fun, and the thrills of 49cc scooter riding. Sometimes "less is more" and in the case of the 49cc scoots it often is! Safe rides...

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