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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yes, I am pretty desperate to post this on my blog. But I see other bloggers posting about needing a new computer to keep up their blog audience, etc.

So I thought I'd try it as all other avenues of financing have been explored and I do not qualify for any loans and family cannot assist me due to their own financial struggles.

What it is is that I need to borrow $600 and can easily pay it back within 6 months, if not sooner.

What I need the $600 for is to get that Honda Metropolitan scooter out of lay-away at my local dealer. He has held it for me since May when I started a home health care job that promised to bring in significant income.

It did not. In fact, they have still not given me any patients to see, but I am retaining that "as needed" position anyway in hopes that things will open up for me.

Because of my partner's stroke and subsequent hospitalization and rehab, I could not work from February through end of April. She had to have me with her 24/7. So that just about put us on the street, literally. We lived off of her Social Security and barely squeaked by.

Of course once she got to a certain level of independence, I was able to leave her alone for about 4 hours at a time and so I took a Saturday job delivering flowers locally and continued to look for something else that offered flexible hours in our community.

In the interim I had to sell my scooters, bicycle, and any valuable possessions on Ebay just to pay the basic bills. We faced our roughest time financially, but managed to keep a roof over our heads and the lights on. But just barely.

I have continued to look for positions in my profession (clinical social work) or any retail positions in the area to supplement the health care job and the floral job. I apply and get no calls. It's not easy when you are over 60.

After I got the home health care job in May I was promised full-time hours and plenty of patient visits. It seemed that our "ship had come in" and we looked forward to getting back to having a life again.

It was during this time I saw this little Met for $1100, in excellent shape, about 5 miles from me at the Honda dealership. The owner was willing to let me put it on lay-away and make payments.

I went for it as otherwise I would not be able to get another scooter as I do not have credit nor large financial resources like $1100 to fork out at one time.

So I put a deposit down after selling a bicycle and have been trying to pay on it piecemeal, the going is way too slow on that.

I feel very humiliated that it still sits there and I still owe a little over $700 on it, but cannot see how I will be able to come up with the balance.

I think we can squeeze out $100 in the month's end, but I am afraid that they will cancel the lay-away and I will lose the money I put down, which is around $500.

I would be able to pay back $100 a month to a lender, but have lost all my credit due to underemployment since 2009.

On top of that, I contracted a virus, had to go to the ER while in the hospital delivering a flower, and was subsequently fired by the florist for getting sick "on the job"!

So I lost that income, which was pretty significant in paying out the scooter too.

So, if anyone feels they can lend me the $600, I can repay you by cash or money order in the mail or PayPal. We can draw up a contract that would work for both of us.

I need this scooter also for my new pet sitting business, which covers a 10 mile radius of my home. Our old 1998 Honda CRV is on it's very last legs and so if I had the scooter I could spare it some mileage until winter.

Anyway, that's about it.

If anyone can help with any part of that $600, please contact me by email and then perhaps we can talk on the phone at some point.

Even any part of paying that down would help to keep the lay-away from being cancelled and I feel SO bad about them holding it this long.

Some might look down on me for asking for help, but I am in a pretty "low" place any way, so guess they'd be justified.

I just shudder at the thought of losing my $500 invested and I feel really, really bad for stretching out this lay-away this long, as I said.

Meanwhile I am ardently trying to get hired in my profession as well and have an interview tomorrow afternoon with a private counseling practice. I feel very positive about that prospect.

I am also trying to get pet sitting clients in the area and am actively marketing my business.

If anyone can see it in their hearts to help me deal with this scooter pay-out issue, I'd appreciate it so much.

If you have enjoyed reading my scooter blog over the years, this will also put me back in a position to post about rides and the scooter-based life.

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